Rotator cuff

Hello, I received a steroid shot about 3 weeks ago which gave me some relief I still had to take other pain meds at first then whew after these last 3 years in pain I could move my arm with less pain, some days are better than others. Now I'm gradually starting to feel discomfort again in my arm/shoulder and hands, I can't keep getting these shots, I'm prepping my mind for surgery but hopefully there is something else although all the pain meds are just temporary relief smh....

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  • I had a rotator cuff injury 14 months ago after a fall. Had a steroid injection which helped a small amount then intensive physio, last year which seemed to help. Started getting a lot of pain last week, now it's the most intense pain I've ever felt - it's absolutely unbearable. Saw orthopaedic surgeon this morning who says it's a frozen shoulder now and has suggested a X-ray guided injection. But because I'm taking humira, I have to see rheumatologist first to see if it will be alright ( due to risk of infection). If you are feeling the pain I have right now, then I hope that you get some relief soon. Frankly I would agree to anything! Clemmie

  • Yes I have that excruciating pain at times and that's what my doc is afraid might happen to me (frozen shoulder).

  • The strange thing is, my shoulder isn't frozen. It's only the pain that restricts my movement. It takes my breath away. I'm just hoping and praying that the rheumatologist will say it's okay to have the hydro dilatation and that I can get it done quickly. Clemmie

  • What's hydro dilation?

  • They inject saline, steroid and anaesthetic into the shoulder joint under X-ray guidance. It helps to break up any scar tissue that may be causing the capsule to contract. Clemmie

  • I managed to find a really good physio who actually dealt properly with my at the time ongoing shoulder problems. It was a combination of very gentle manipulation, ultrasound and exercises that did it, and since then I've been able to keep problems at bay by keeping up the exercises. Mine is starting to become a problem again though, and I'm preparing myself mentally for surgery, as I am sure I now have a bit of a tendon tear there that just doesn't respond to exercising.

  • I had an excellent physio last year who did pretty much the same, earth witch. Saw rheumatologist this morning - what a nice man!- who doesn't think it's frozen shoulder, but thinks I'm having a general flare as well as impingement in the shoulder. Hopefully having an ultrasound on Monday or Tuesday and a steroid injection into the joint. He also gave me a steroid injection to help over the weekend. Wow! I don't know if it's wishful thinking but pain eased within about 4 hours. It still hurts if I start moving around but nothing like it has been hurting. I'm truly amazed as I've never had a result like that before from a steroid jab. Long may it last! Clemmie

  • Hi Buttascoch - I had the same as you have described plus the steroid injection, Doc was convinced it was a "spur growth" I used google to look up the symtoms and it was a torn rotator cuff, luckily the Doc acted quite quickly and I had the opp, no problem at all - only I had a slight reaction when I was trying to coming out of the anesthetic,

    I couldn't wake up and felt sick so they kept me in overnight (I think my BP was dropping) but 6 weeks off work and my right arm was a lot better than my left arm which hadn't been operated on.

  • Im having problems with both shoulders, very painful, cant dry myback after shower etc and if i over sstretch for anything pain makes me cry. Had this nearly 6 weeks awaiting ultrasound. I have arthritis in upper and lower spine, knees and wrists so was wondering if this also is due to arthritis and what they will do, even struggle getting up from chairs as i use my arms with my back being so bad

  • Thanks guys I go see my ortho next week.

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