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It just never stops does it?

It just never stops does it?

Gee second bout of bronchitis and severe asthma after being back on enbrel for 6 weeks, I am really hoping this isn't becoming a 'thing'. So I have had neck problems recently had an mri and I have damage which is causing a great deal of pain and restriction in what I can do. Not much they can do so I have to live with it apparently. The only problem is that my arms and hands are now going numb so GP has referred me to neurology at the hospital. I guess I will get in in about a year or so to see someone hahahah Then to top it off my right ankle keeps locking and almost making me trip, so he has also referred me to orthopedics there, that one will probably take about 2 years to get to see someone, then another 2 or 3 years before I get in for surgery. Gee I hope I can last that long like this.

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Total rubbish for you SOM. Really disappointed to read this as I always hope when you are quiet it means good things are happening at last. I have damage in my neck too but apparently it doesn't explain much and really doesn't cause me much pain that I'm aware of. Do they say whether yours is OA or RA? They should be able to distinguish and if RA then perhaps if Enbrel will let you continue on it - or a other biologic might at least stop it progressing.

Hating this accepting getting older thingy. Seeing my neurologist later today after various tests. I think that telling them all I'm relocating has galvanised these consultants into action of sorts. I've never had such quick responses previously. They want to get shot of me of course but not to colleagues who will think badly of them!

I can't keep moving locations though so hoping the new lot come up trumps with some answers at least - solutions (especially drug based ones) are another matter entirely. My 5mg Prednisolone will just have to do for now!



No it is OA in my neck. I had very bad whiplash about 30 years ago and it has caused a lot of damage. I have had a constant brain zapping headache over the top of my head and ear pain and neck pain for a few months now. It is pretty debilitating and now my arms keeping nodding off! I have been unable to move my neck much or tilt it back without nearly blacking out. I just have to live with it as there is nothing they can do apparently. gee so looking forward to the years to come with this.

Gee I am so glad you are finally getting a good response it has been way too long coming and I am a bit disgusted by your treatment to date. Even if we are difficult to treat, we shouldn't be just sidelined.

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So sorry you are having such problems! I have the same thing with my neck (3 herniated discs) and the only thing they can do would be to fuse them and I'm not ready for that (already have 2 fused in lower spine). I have found that a chiropractor has helped loads. I have to go once a month to keep it livable, which is a pain. But is does help. Hope you get the help you need!


Thanks carotopgal. I am very afraid of going to anyone to do things to my neck as they usually do more damage and cause more lingering pain than anything to me. I have bone spurs and narrowing of the degenerating discs so I don't want to make it worse. I guess I just wait and see the neurologist whenever that may be, to see what nerves are involved. The only really weird thing that happened on Sunday was I bent down and had turned my head slightly to look at something in a shop and I lost sight in my right eye for about 10 minutes. It came back so all good, but freaked me out at the time.


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