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Bruised biceps?

Hello. I wonder if anyone else suffers from what feel like bruised biceps? I have sero-neg RA with permanently-bent elbows and am intolerant of every drug. I take Oramorph daily for the pain and will have both elbow joints replaced when I can't stand it any longer.

Just lately my biceps (upper arms at the front) feel as though someone has punched me in both arms and is then poking fingers into the bruises. This makes my arms even more painful to use.

My consultant says it's probably related to my elbows but doesn't want to bother with an MRI and says that I should try to put up with it for as long as I can. He's reluctant for me to get my elbows replaced yet because I'm only 57, although the surgeon is willing to do them whenever I ask.

Does anyone suffer from anything similar? Many thanks.

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I've been hurting my shoulders and the muscles on my upper arms by using them to lift myself because of my damaged knees. It feels like a crampy pain and when my husband tried to massage my back he found quite a lot of knots - doubtless caused by tensing up against the pain. If you can, it might be a good idea to see a good physiotherapist. The one I see in Edinburgh is great for this sort of thing - compensatory injuries?

Hope you can get some relief because this isnt a good thing to have.



Hi Cathie,

Thanks for your idea; I think compensatory injury could be the reason, since I concentrate so hard on trying not to use my elbows. Unfortunately my local physio department doesn't seem to understand my elbow restrictions (I've seen three different physios there) so I don't have any faith that they could help, and I can't afford to go privately.


Let me know if you're anywhere near Edinburgh. My physio doesnt cost an arm and a leg and is so good.


Hi Cathie,

I'm about as far from you as a person can get - in Dorset - but many thanks for the "humerus" offer! Everyone on this site is always so helpful and friendly.


I beg to differ, I'm even farther away than you! *giggles*

-The Canadian Bat

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Apparently according to the geologists Canada an Scotland were joined up ages ago


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