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Feeling bruised

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well ish.

I am feeling as if I have been kicked by a horse. My legs are sore and i am feeling very stiff.

Is my body just still getting used to the Humeria? Can anyone tell me who is on Humeria,if the stiffness does go after a while or if that is it. I have been on Humeria since September.

I feel better than hat I did,but not 100%.


Jane xx

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Jane i am not on humera,but i am stiff band sore and i have put it down to the weather changing. We have had a sunny if cold day here,but my friend who lives on the south coast tells me it has been pouring with rain all day down there so i am expecting it to pass this way soon the way my body feels. Hugs darling.xxxxx

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Hi Syvie,

I live near Eastbourne,and I can tell you that it has been very cold and wet today,and we have had thunder and hail stones. I'm sure that the weather does play a big part in our joints , giving us lots of aches and pains.

I saw you have been out in your garden. I can't wait to get out into my garden in the spring.

It is so nice to see the daffodils coming out in the garden,I just hope that we don't have any snow,otherwise that will kill them before the spring. Take care. Jane xx


Hi Jane & Sylvi

I have recently realized how much the cold, damp weather affects my RA.

Not Sure how long you have been on HumerA and I am on another Biologic called CIMZIA and this is my 6th moth with very little noticeable results. At least I don't suffer the side effects on CIMZIA like I did on all the different DMARDS.

Hang in there and gardening weather is around the corner!

Cheers Doreen

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Thanks Doreen.

I have been on Humeria since about October. I am definitely a lot better,but not perfect yet. I think I am trying to will myself better.( run before I can walk maybe?)


Jane X


I tried Humeria but had to come of it before the recommended 12 weeks because of bad side effects, I felt as tho I was in a constant flare,worse thn any I had ever had. But if you are feeling better than you did stick with it, it is probably the bad weather and horrible cold temps.


Hello. I'm now on humira and have so far injected about 4 times, these are done fortnightly. So far feeling OK with no side effects. Sorry you are not so good. Check with your rheumatology nurse.


I have tried so many dmards and while mtx worked well, the constant mouth ulcers and sore mouth made the drug impossible.


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