Pain in biceps - is this normal?

HI, all,

Last few days I'm struggling to get out of bed. I think I may have an infection (been on Mxt for 4 weeks now) as once I get up and start moving I'm fine, so I don't think it can be the dreaded fatigue! But I also have pain in my biceps which feels like I've overdone it at the gym. Has anyone else had similar symptoms?

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i get pains in my biceps - like i move them, they hit a certain angle and then hurt and i have to stop. i originally thought i had myalgia as the pain was so bad.


Yes I get that too all the time even now that I'm not taking MTX I was told by nurse I had fibromyalgia, but a future Dr said I haddn't. So I think yes it is RA though I'm not convinced as I don't remember it being this bad before.


Hello Lin

Hope you haven't got an infection and sorry you feel so rough. I have RA my biceps hurt too - feels more muscular than "jointy" if that makes sense. Haven't found a solution but I do find that rubbing the muscles with anti-inamm gel (check with pharmacist first if you are also taking anti-inflamms) or deep heat can give some short-term relief. In my case it is definitely part of the inflammatory process because when joints are doing better, arms do too.

Really hope you start to feel better soon.



Thanks Tilly, you're right - it does feel more muscular. And my wrist has been particularly painful over the same few days, so maybe it is directly related to the RA. I'll try the deep heat or gel


Hi lin256,

I asked a similiar question recently, had exactly the same feeling but it spread to leg and back muscles.

Don't have an answer but for me it could have been one of a few things, I had a blood clot in my arm which became infected , started a new medication for anxiety and fybromyalgia.

Doctor gave me anti-biotics and told me to stop medication for anxiety. I was diagnosed with fybro many years before RA but never had the pain to touch in muscle so hopefully not that as the fybro has been under control for a number of years. got to go


sorry, had to see to my daughter, 20 months old, she has no patience!! :)

anyway, whether is was the anti-biotics or a side effect of new meds I'm glad to say it's gone now, it was horrid thought, even when I drove the car I could feel my calves start to feel as if there were being pulled....

hope you feel better soon!


Hi lin256,

I have had the same pain in my biceps too. It felt as though I had overdone it at the gym, that is just how I described it.

It has improved somewhat, and I was starting to wonder whether it was fybromyalgia.

My overall pain is better at the moment, and seeing my rheumy next week, so will see what she has to say about it.

Nic x


I have that extreme muscle pain too. When I "explore" the biceps to find the most tender spot, there is always a small knotty piece which seems to be the source of the whole arm pain.

If you find the same thing, press firmly on it for about a minute, and it can often relieve the pain but don't just lift finger off quickly release slowly then massage with i-bulieve or similar.

The method is based on the same principle as accupressure, accupuncture.and reflexology..

It usually works for me. My friend in Canada taught me this. It is from a book called Pain Erasure the Bonnie Pruden Way. Have seen it on e-bay..


I have bicep pain with my RA and can only lift my arms up so far and have problems getting things in and out of cupboards and opening and closing the windows. Sometimes is so bad I have to use one arm to lift the other up. On a visit to the nurse, the consultant popped in, he asked whether I could lift my arms up (out front is not as bad, but lifting my arms out to the sides is impossible) when I told him no, I was put forward for the anti TNF treatment - along with all the other tests you have to pass. So I think it is all connected with the RA.


Hi Lin256

As the others have mentioned this muscular pain may be as a result of your RA. If a joint is inflammed and swollen it can press on the surrounding soft tissue and cause pain in the muscles. However, it is always best to discuss new symptoms with your rheumatologist, or the GP, especially if you are concerned.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate

NRAS Helpline


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