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New year and pain

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I’d like to wish you all a very happy and painfree new year firstly ....... and some advice I’ve been in constant pain for the last month 😫especially my biceps and elbows and knees what I wanted to ask is I think my Sulfasalazine has stopped working if anyone had the same thing what did you try next and also any tips on the bicep pain ? Thanks in advance xxxx

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Happy New Year to you too. I reckon you need to contact your rheumy department because that sounds miserable.

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Oxopinkyblue in reply to Gnarli

Yes I agree I will be on it first thing wensday as it hasn't been a bundle of fun 😐

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Gnarli in reply to Oxopinkyblue

You have my sympathy. No part of inflammatory arthritis is a bucket of giggles except for this forum. I hope you get it sorted pdq. Hugs

Buy a hand held massager from amazon, it’s the only thing that helped me. Found the bicep pain was caused from the shoulders and forearm. My sympathies

Oh I have a massager got it one crimbo hardly ever use it I’ll give it a go thanks 😋

My doc added leflunomide and it made a big difference.

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Liggle in reply to sharon6768

Yes I’m on Leflunomidi and it definitely helps, weather affects my R/ Athritus most even though most say it doesn’t. Happy New Year Elizabeth

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sharon6768 in reply to Liggle

I can predict rain with my right hand better than any weather person on TV. :)

Happy new year to you . Sulpha and hydroxy has also stopped working for me i am waiting to go onto biologics,but there are a couple of hurdles to jump before

My bicep pain was caused by tendonosis. I tried topicals, steroid injections and physical therapy. No good. Surgery was the only thing that worked. And that was a long process. But I'm so thankful to have a healthy shoulder now!

Yes I was on Sulfasalazine for a couple years with minimal results. My Rheumatoid Dr has put me on Methotrexate 20 mg/wk as well and slowly decreasing my Sulfasalazine. The Methotrexate and diet change has put me into remission now for 7 months. 😊😊

Hi I would like to know what diet changes you made ? I'm trying to cut out meat let me know 😘

I listened to some online videos of Clint Paddison who had severe debilitating RA. He’s cured his arthritis with diet. He went hard core on the diet where I took bits a pieces of his advice. Number one was to eliminate dairy. I have cut it out 90% but still have hard cheese occasionally. Secondly was all flour products, diet drinks/cola. Not easy diet but I think it definitely contributed to some of me going into remission. Good luck and may 2019 be a better one for you.

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