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Good results on the Paddison Program

I have now been on the Paddison program now for 7 months, Before I started the program I was on 25 mg of Methotrexate a week, Plaquenil 400mg a day and 4 tablets of Sulphsalazine a day. I had constant pain in both knees could not walk properly. I am now on 20 mg of Methotrexate a week, No Plaquenil and 1 tablet of Sulphsalazine a day. Since being on the program I haven’t felt better. I now find that I know which foods trigger my inflammation. Has anyone else tried this program and had good results?

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Haven't tried it, as too restrictive and I prefer my relaxed approach. But good for you in trying to find a way to balance the drugs with lifestyle changes. Too often it's either/or and people get very heated about rejecting all drugs or rejecting all alternative approaches. As with many things in life, balance is probably the best way.


I havent tried the Paddison programme, but I do eat a low acidic diet and that seems to be the answer for me. I got a list of alkaline/acidic foods from the internet, there were some surprises for sure! The Nutrionalist I saw also recommended taking a probiotic every day, the research papers suggest one which includes B.cereus. I found one in Boots called Biokult which appears to have most strains and is good.


Do you take Biokult with any drugs? I am on methotrexate and abatacept and not sure if you can take probiotics with DMARDS. The GP doesn't seem sure either??

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