sore everywhere

I am so fed up. This is my second time off sick in a fortnight but this morning my hands were swollen and i couldn't even turn a tap on. My knee is painful and swollen and my feet hurt despite having surgery 18mths ago. I also slipped on the steps the other day so my back has a whopping great bruise on it and that hurts. I am sorry to be such a whinger Im sure when I wass on Humira I didn't have all this pain and flare ups. Saw OT on Friday she was lovely and she has given me some gloves to wear as well as new hand splints. Just wish I could be normal. My friend texted me to say she had won two passes for a spa and two beauty treatments so that is something to look forward to

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Kath, enjoy your spa day,if it does nothing else it will help you relax and give you a lovely day out with your friend.

Re; taps have you got the ones that you just flick and not have to turn on. I have had to put those on all the taps in my house.

Don't apologise for having a hard time thats what we are here for. I even have a whinge at times.

Am sending you my love. sylvi.xx


Kath I'm wearing arthritis gloves (stretchy grey ones) that my hubby bought online a while ago - in fact I'm living in them. They are fingerless so often wear mits over the top but what I'm finding is that they pull my fingers back into shape so that when I'm walking my pinkies don't stick out and my hands don't seem to ache as much if I wear them. It may be all psychological - like having a plaster on a cut sometimes where it feels cushioned and protected but to me they seem like a second very important skin now when I'm working or out and about.

Really do hope you get less sore very soon and please have a lovely spa day. TTx


The spa day will do you the world of good. if they have a sauna/ jacuzzi these help the joints.. and if you can get a massage as one of the treatments it is so good!.. enjoy xx


Hi Kath,

The gloves sound helpful, I have wrist supports but like the sound of something for my fingers. Hope you have a great spa session, I love them!



Thanks guys I'll let you know how the spa ges


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