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Hi everyone

Feeling very sore today and have no go in me, just hope this isn't another flare starting. I have a particularly painful knee and am finding it really difficult to lift my leg to get in and out of the car, over the doorstep etc. although it doesn't appear any more swollen than usual, and it isn't particularly warm, which can indicate inflammation, it really hurts if I try to bend my leg. My leg feels really heavy and tight. I spoke to my rheumy nurse about two weeks ago as more joints are becoming painful and I now have a hard lump in my wrist near where the carpal tunnel is, and that area is very sore, and feels sort of bruised, I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists several years ago. She said to carry on with gentle exercise and when I see her in another 4 weeks she may add in another drug, I am currently on Sulfasalazine but am not tolerating it very well and have had to reduce back down to 4 tablets per day, she said it doesn't seem to be controlling me very well either. Not sure if I should wait and see how I feel over the next few days and maybe see the Doctor as 4 weeks is a long time to wait feeling like this. Do you think its anything to be concerned about or just part of our RD attacking more joints.

Hope you are all free of pain and enjoying the weekend.

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  • I would ring thexrheumy nurse if possible. When it's happened to me they have given me steroids into my joints. But that may not help you. Other things they have done is prescribed physio and it aids .. Xx

  • Allanah and no more heels, thanks for your advice. I had a steroid injection last December so I don't think I will be able to have another one yet, unfortunately that only lasted about two weeks. I was having physio and acupuncture but this was stopped in February due to inflamed joints and the physio wanted to get advice from the consultant before she continues with any more. I was just advised to carry on with the gentle exercises when able as I had recently been admitted to hospital with a suspected clot in my lung which turned out to be inflammation of the lining of my lungs. My rheumy nurse said it appears that I am not controlled (I hate being controlled but in this case I would make an exception) but she cant give me an earlier appointment as they are so busy and that apparently is an early one. I am just taking SSZ, Omeprazole and Co-codamol, She said I could also have paracetamol when needed.

  • The further I got down your post the more I was thinking you sound like you're uncontrolled. Then read you're not not tolerating SSZ & the dose has been reduced. I would think is the problem, your RD isn't controlled or becoming less controlled. I've just answered another question but about MTX & I said in that when I had a hiatus from it I had swelling in places I'd not had inflammation in when diagnosed, maybe it's the same for you, that your mix has kept you controlled enough but now you've reduced the dose your experiencing what you'd have been like now if you'd never had any treatment. Did your Rheumy prescribe an NSAID for you? If not maybe ask your GP to prescribe one for you until your appointment or phone your Rheumy nurse to see if it's possible to either see her or bring your appointment forward.

    Something else I relate to is getting out of the car. I have to sit sideways on to the seat lift my left leg in & then my right. Getting out I swivel till I'm sideways on & place both feet on the ground & lever myself out. I have trochanteric bursitis & OA in my knees. Again it could be active disease causing yours but definitely mention how you are at your appointment.

  • Thanks nomoreheels, I think I will try and speak with the nurse again and see what she says. My sister said she noticed I wasn't myself last week and said I seemed to be sort of falling asleep whilst talking to her, just for a couple of seconds, and then continued talking, she said it scared her because it reminded her of when our mum had a stroke but she didn't want to worry me by telling me about it.

  • No probs. Fatigue is typical of uncontrolled RD so dropping off to sleep, even for a moment isn't unusual. :(

  • Yes I would defo call them, sounds like you are not controlled and maybe even flaring. Paracetamol is an excellent pain killer if you take it regularly and according to the prescription my Rheumy told me. He uses it above other pain killers but says you have to get to the therapeutic dise do maybe also discuss that with them if you weren't given it regularly. Hope you get in touch with them soon xx

  • Thank you both for your advice it is much appreciated, I will ring the nurse tomorrow and see what she advises. I have had a restless night so will just have a lazy day today. Hope you slept well. Now for the challenge of getting downstairs. I will let you know what the nurse says. Have a lovely day.

    Best wishes.

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