Ok so not calling it pacing!

So yes I've caused , sore knees, sore hips, throat and sinus infection by not doing what I tell others and pace.

But I've decided life is too short and I want to live it, so when I exhausted flaring in pain from now it's gonna be called what I hear on Facebook is a Funover!

Like a hangover but caused by too much fun not alcohol!!!

Next Funover is after Latitude Festival next week!!

Love A ;)

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  • On I'm up for one of those....too much walking in Scotland.

  • Ah Mary what a lovely place to walk tho! Mine was in Salzburg, used taxis buses etc but still too much!

  • Oh A just hate having to give in and rest. Seems always if I go out I will pay. From now on it will be called funover. Xxxxxx

  • Hi Allanah...sounds like you had a great time even though you're suffering now...but I love your Funitude!! 😊. How have you been with Rituximab...is it working and have you had any side effects? Xx

  • I had a very fluey shaky night after my second infusion, feel in myself it's helping but I have an infection which I think is making me flare. Gonna chat with the nurse tomorrow.

    I took paracetamol and piriton on that night and it sorted by next day, Rheumy happy for me to have next one!

  • I keep going until pain is too much then i have to stop. Hubby then tells me off for doing too much. Pretty much how i am now i dont know what hurts the most, back ,elbow stomach and head, fingers also with typing.

    sending you all hugs XXXX


  • Quite agree...pacing is great but we have to live too!

  • It's so much more positive to say Funover than being plain old knackered and in pain! I shall use it from now on, thank you for sharing xx

  • run boy run!! well ok trot good for you .

  • lol that made me laugh... Two weeks ago I went to see Paloma Faith at Sherwood forest and I danced all night even though I have a collapsing arch of foot. Couldn't move the next day but so worth it. I have just been retired from work through ill health and things are so good now health wise, spirit wise. Impossible to pace myself when I worked.

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