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pip assesment


I,ve just received a date to go for my pip assesment,doe,s anyone know what happens.

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Best advice I can give Hun just be truthful in what u can and can't do even down to the tinest thing u think wouldn't matter and just relax xxx

I will try to relax,thank you.

Hiya gradyjackjacob. It was a concern of mine & I was helped before mine by the lovely people on here. My assessment was at the end of last year & I posted how it went if you'd like to take a look here healthunlocked.com/nras/pos... This obviously was my view & your assessment may differ slightly as not one is the same but I hope it gives you an outline of what may be asked/done.

Good luck, drop us a line to let us know when it is.

I,ve j.ust read your post from last year,thanks for that

You're welcome, hope it helped somewhat. When is your assessment?

Next tuesday at twelve o,clock.

I have been through 2 different ATOS assessments one for Industrial Injury, at the recommendation of the DWP and the person that did it wrote things she didn't see, the second one was for PIP and due to my pain, I had to take a 2nd Diazepam (5mg) while I was there and the doctor then refused to perform the medical assessment part, more from fear on his part about how I was going to be, I suspect.

I would suggest, in your own interests, that you insist on the whole process being taped, you are allowed to do so under DWP rules and they perform it using police style dual tapes, I should have done that on the first assessment but did so on the second. They will give you one of the tapes and they cannot refuse it, you must remember that their role is NOT to award PIP and those tapes make them far more careful about what they say and do during the process. The appeal you have to make when it is turned down, 70% go to appeal, is an arduous process as well and is conducted by the Tribunal Service Court.

I am about to go through it again but am having problems with my local disability centre due to lack of staff, so I know exactly how to deal with, I am much wiser and the process is not one you want to repeat.

The centre's are usually inconveniently located and when you get told where it is, then check in the web all about access, they have one in Hanwell W7 that is on the 3rd floor, up 15 steps to the front door first and no disabled access. If you cannot manage to get there then they can arrange a taxi, paid for by them. Also be aware of the form, ATOS are given 4 weeks to return the paperwork to the DWP and their own processes take anything up to a week out of the time you are given.

I will probably post a separate thread on this so anyone that is facing that ordeal and it is an ordeal, will know what to expect and what to do.

What an ordeal to go through to get what we should be entitled to.

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