Hi guys I I'm on mtx and hydroxyl and folic. I'm becoming increasingly exhausted in the evening come 7 pm my neck knees and general body is aching I've been resting on my bed and taking nurofen. By the morning I'm feeling better then again in the evening everything is hurting and I'm feeling sick from exhaustion and in pain. Is this how everyone feels from time to time ? My wrist is feeling badly sprained today is the best way to describe it and my thumbs stiff Just wondered if this is a bad moment and will pass or if anyone has tips for exhaustion I'm fed up of this and is this pattern similar for anyone else ? Thank you

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  • Yes I am normally in bed very early. I wake a few times in the night by 11am am exhausted I do have good days when I get things done. If you are in alot of pain go back to Dr or rhumy nurse they can give you pain killers. They can make you tired also, sorry . Listen to your body it is telling you to rest. It is hard when were you diagnosed? Hopefully it is just a flare and you will feel better soon 😊

  • I have been on meds for 2 1/2 years just feeling really exhausted and crappy I'm resting and doing the right stuff haven't felt this bad in a while getting fed of this xx

  • Hi yes to your question although mornings are bad for me too. It is understandable though with long term pain and the meds. I now give in to it and rest when I need to and do more when I can as your body is telling you it needs to rest. I also try to drink plenty of water. I am on the same meds as you but starting injections soon instead of tablets. How long have you been on mtx? I hope you start to see improvement soon. If you are a bit down this can make you tired as well. Have you mentioned it to your Doctor? Hopefully we will get some Sun soon to give us a blast of energy. Xxx

  • Hi thank you for your answer I was diagnosed 2 1/2years ago and felt that I had this really under control but suddenly have started feeling as bad as when it all started up until then haven't felt this exhausted for such a long period I have no reserve in my battery is the best way to describe. Luckily I am Ble to rest but am finding it frustrating I've e mailed my rheumatologist having a blood test on Friday. I'm just feeling so frustrated with the fatigue. Xx

  • Hi I know what you mean as I was doing really well then gradually it is all coming back it is frustrating and worrying. Glad you are having blood test though. Let us know result. I read some of your past posts and wondered did you have to have op on your shoulder as mine has been terrible for 6 months. I can now hardly lift my right arm. Just had xray. Xxx

  • Hi sorry I've just realised I had replies ! Re the shoulder I didn't have op but ended up having three steroid infections and went to a shoulder clinic in hi gate london which used the simonahser method and though I have. Twinges the pain has gone I can lift my arm up and have full use of it now. Hope. This helps and you feel better soon also I had an MRI on it xx

  • As lainee mentions, drinking plenty of water on a regular basis is really important when taking Mtx - seems like a little thing but can make a big difference to fatigue.

  • Thank you , my husband is always telling me to drink more water so will try x

  • Thank you I actually feel a lot better know and drank more water as I do get headaches with the mtx xx

  • I find that fatigue is one of the hardest symptoms to manage . People just don't get how tired you are!

    Also it increases if I'm about to flare and my RA is less controlled so I'm glad they are doing your bloods on Friday. X

  • Thank you , fatigue is the most difficult I seem to forget to rest during the day it does help cope with evenings

  • I know I'm the worlds worst at pacing ! Have you read the spoon theory, I like it , just google x

  • Googling now x

  • Simplistic but nice I think. My family now even say how many spoons do you have left!

  • Great idea re the spoons I a often say my battery won't recharge to describe it to my family xx

  • This is how my RA behaves. I'm fine most mornings but I get stiffer as the day goes on and by evening I hurt. I take all my meds at lunch time so that they help me to feel better in the evenings.

  • Sometimes I think I'm just being weak but it's absolutely exhausting when it hits , rested a lot today and don't feel quite as bad tonight's though I still can't wait to get into bed just to lie down x

  • When you get more controlled the exhaustion might ease. good luck with bloods x

  • How did yesterday go? I was thinking of you and sending positive internet vibes!.?

  • Thank you bloods went well though my arm well not my arm but the injection site bruised which it doesn't normally. I feel much better I think sharing and moaning helps. , though my hip and knee now hurt hopefully will get results soon I asked to get my vit b levels checked too xx

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