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my exhausted state has come out of nowhere, I have slept for 15 hours today and when I woke up I could have slept for another 15 hours. I have been out for a few hours but am still so tired and am fighting to stay awake. I have sat and sun off work and it looks like I will be asleep for the majority of these days. I would not say I am in more pain than normal and I so wanted to do something with my weekend but cannot be bothered, just tired.

A few weeks ago I was in a lot of pain with my left knee and no amount of pain killers would take the pain away, I am seeing my ra consultant in a few weeks to try and sort some more pain relief out. my doctor suggested seeing him again. They are saying it is OA in my knee. but my knee seems better and I can walk on it again, so am surprised about this exhaustion happening now.

Thanks for listening to me rant and I hope you all having a good day.

Carol x

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Sometimes your body just needs sleep and it sounds like your are listening to it. It's the best healing medication there is ☺

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I'm often the same Carolsos. The doc told me it is unbelievable the inflammation that our body tries to fight off and the sleeping is nature's best way of helping alleviate it. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Luisa 🌸

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Maybe you were running on adrenaline of fighting off all the pain and now fatigue is catching up with you. Take it easy for a few days and hopefully it will pass. Good luck.


Hi Carol - Exhaustion is one of the primary hallmarks of RA and most other auto-immune diseases - Taking a hour to start moving around well in the morning, and constantly feeling like you need to lie down. When you get that tired, just listen to what your body is telling you.

It does get better... I have been on my treatment for 11 months or so now. The swelling and inflammation are pretty well gone, but the tiredness and pain still linger, so I know I am not in remission yet. I have been sleeping 10 - 12 hours a night now for two years because I can't function without that level of rest.

Fingers crossed that you "catch up" a little this weekend so you are more ready for the week.


Hi thank you for all your replies. I have had RA for just over 3 years and a year ago was in remission but that seems a long time ago now. As camn see am not in remission and it's been a very long year so far! I think I have picked up a bug as have been throwing up last night. Carol X


Idea to check your thyroid bloods, vitamin B12 bloods and iron panel too, I can give you a recommended thyroid panel list of bloods if you wish.


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