Well the mail just came got a letter nearly started hyperventilating when I saw the brown envelope it was just a letter telling me that they have all the info they need and sorry for the delay I should be hearing soon that was

Posted out on the 27th omg!!!!!!!!!!!! If I'm like this now what am I gonna be like when next brown envelope comes through door stressing or what😮

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  • I so hate brown envelopes. They always make me panic! I make my husband open them for me. What am I like?

  • I'm just dreading the next 1 that will make me nervous when it arrives xx

  • Wow Usually you have to chase them to see if they have everything! Stressful times. I sent my renewal DLA yesterday and still waiting to hear about ESA. Hope you get some good news soon. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • I'm just dreading the other brown envelope coming now😕xxx

  • That's so cruel! They didn't send that to me. I had to go & make a cup of coffee & sit down before I could open mine but that is just beyond rotten. I can just imagine the people who send those thinking about people opening them, sadists!

  • I was a shivering wreck nmh I can tell u I hope it will be sooner than later now xx

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