I am having conflicting answers from different Doctors about request for OT, Please Help!

I have spoke to my GP regarding the need for OT and Physio, I then get a phone call from my Rheumy office asking me to ring back regarding my request for OT, My confusion is, i thought that OT would assist me it finding different ways of doing daily things in a less painful way, for example lifting things, gripping, cutting as well as various other things, am I mistaken in my understanding that this dept is the one that may assist me in these answers? It is like it has become some huge issue that I have requested assistance. Can anyone tell me what the OT will be able to help me with so I am better equipped to argue this issue with my Rheumy.

Thanks Lisa x

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Your right in your line of thinking, those are the sorts of things an OT will help you with. Normally an OT assessment is made through Social Services Adult Care Team so perhaps there's been a case of crossed wires and the doctor is presuming you want to see the hospital OT.

Why not give your local social services a ring yourself and request a needs assessment. You can find their contact details on your Local Authorities website.

You'd have to talk to your GP or Consultants secretary and request a physio referral.

Good luck



Thank You for your reply Beth, I will try that, at least now you have put me in the right direction, Thanks Again

Lisa X


Hi Lisa, in my hospital the rheumy team comprises of the OT, physio and the Dr and nurses. The OT can refer to the physio and they work in a similar way. It is the OT who will do the splints for you, rather than the physio. You get good advice from both, but they are part of the same department, and will refer you from one to the other if required.

That is assuming the system is the same in your area as here in the North East of England.

Hope this might help.

Petra xx


Of all the people I have seen over the years, I think the OT was the most helpful.

This was an OT, based at the hospital and I was referred by the rheumy nurse at my request.

They have a couple of rooms fitted out as a bed-sitting room, with a en-suite shower room and a small kitchen. She took me round all the areas, getting me to show her how I did things (like filling and lifting the kettle, sitting down and getting up off a chair and getting in and out of bed). Then she gave me advice about each activity - always take a jug to the kettle, how to roll onto the edge of the bed, etc. And she gave me a catalogue of various aids, and my splints for driving which made such a difference.

It made such a difference to how I coped and enabled me to design a kitchen that meant that I could cook again.


Thank You so Much writing that, This is what I was told they do was to assist you by educating you in ways to make things more bearable, I will speak to My GP when I see her again, on the progression, Thanks Lisa


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