For those having a hard time right now!

For those having a hard time right now!

I found this picture on the creaky joints page some time ago and printed it off and I refer to it on those occasions when I am being too hard on myself for not doing all the things I think I aught to be doing or when I am getting frustrated with it all - it reminds me that all things are transient and sometimes it's better to just sit them out rather than fighting them or trying to change the things that I clearly can't change....

I hope your personal storms pass soon and more sunny climes come your way soon.

All the best


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  • thank you so much for this Ali, you could not have had better timing. having proper pain control here in the hospital has made me aware how much the pain has been affecting my mood. ill be much more assertive in pursuing same level of control out of the hospital,and your post reminds me that I have weathered storms before. xx - bats

  • Very apt---- could be made to fit lots of situations for many people.

  • Awww thats so apt Ali, x

  • My mother used to say 'this too shall pass'. But I'm not sure that was optimistic

  • What a very moving picture. Thank you for posting it. X

  • lovely x

  • that is great x

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