A poem for Halloween

By Hairy Shelley

A poem for Halloween

By Hairy Shelley

Rock a bye spider

Rock a bye spider, in your web lair.

Sharpen those fangs and comb all your hair.

Fold those long legs and rest your big head.

Then put out a sign saying "Shhhhh! I'm in bed! "

Dream about flies, all juicy and fat.

They come to visit and soon they are trapped.

Wrap them in silk, to finish the deal,

Isn't that nice, you've found your next meal.

Rock a bye spider, cosy and warm

Tucked high in your corner, away from all harm.

Watch over the humans from your vantage - unseen.

A spider is for life, not just Halloween!

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  • That's brilliant, missed you this week but this has more than made up for it, thank you xx

  • aw thanks :) my brother wrote this one.

  • Then I must say, your family is very talented:-))

  • Say thanks to your brother x

  • Brilliant! I hate spiders but love this! :-)

  • Aw now that's a cute halloween poem! Thanks

    I grew up with a group of kids, about 6 or8 of us, 3 girls, the rest obnoxious creatures we had to put up with, 2 of them were my brothers, and for weeks and days surrounding Halloween, they all recited the most horrendous and sickening poems they could come up with. Those were the days when kids in a neighborhood could get together every eveing and hang out reciting such horrendous stuff. Then trade comic books and go home and read them. This one has stuck in my head for uh, well, a long time:

    Did you ever think when the hearse goes by

    That someday you will have to die

    They wrap you up in a great big sheet

    and drop you in a hole

    about six feet deep

    There is another verse, so disgusting, I cannot bring myself to type it

    But a bunch of pre-teen boys I grew up with taunted us girls by chanting that at us, delighting in seeing us get really mad at them :))) xxx

  • Brilliant ........ I love it.

    I was sitting quietly reading my book, my daughter says " hey mum someone's come to see you" Then quickly throws a great big hairy spider at me..............why do such little things generate so much fear.

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