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I know have more or less permanent tingling in my hand. I also get waves of tingling which start in my lower back and ho up my back and down the back of my thighs. It's not painful but very annoying. Was diagnosed with RA 8 years ago also have hypothyroidiism and Raynauds. Retired fro Nhs last year on ill health but trying to find part time job (could do with the money). My main problem is overwhelming tierdness

Had auto immune screen last week . Bloods normal so far apart from 2 which aren't back yet but scared if these don't show anything i will be left like I am. Fibromyalgia and CF S have been suggested but nothing definite. Thanks for listening

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I haven't any sage advice, only commiseration, I'm afraid. My tingling stems from a brain injury, and it isn't exactly numbness, only a weird sensation that occasionally drives me more batty than usual. You might see about a referral to physio if nothing else shows up; they might be able to find something blood tests won't show. Good luck! -Bats


Do you know what your thyroid bloods results and ranges are now Kathgallagher ?

What medication and amount are you on for hypothyroidism ?

Fibromyalgia/CFS/ME 'can' be down to just symptoms of untreated or under treated Thyroid/hypothyroidism.

Mine was, Doctor said my bloods were fine, I did not agree and asked Doctor to go by my Fibro symptoms and (chronic) pains I was still getting.

Once I pushed my Doctor to prescribe me more levo (up to the level of levothyroxine my body needed,) all my Fibro and pains just fell away.

Doctors rely on 'unreliable' thyroid bloods, you probably know that one already K. :)


Just got told bloods where fine

I am on 125 mcgs thyroxine daily


Many are wrongly told their thyroid bloods are 'fine' by Doctors when they are certainly not fine, Medics have told several members of my family they were fine/OK/no problem, yet each time I could see by their symptoms and bloods they were far from fine.

Was it a Doctor or medic who told you, you were 'fine' Kathgallagher ?


last letter oi had from consultant said they were fine. Just had auto immune screen done . last time I checked all bloods results not back


Sorry to nag you more Kathgallagher, do bear with me and read to the end of my post, and if it doesn't help you I promise I won't nag you again, ;) :)

Fibro/CFS and tiredness are all classic signs of Hypothyroidism.

A good suggestion, (but do ignore if you wish,) would be to ask for a printout from your recent Medic of all your recent bloods (and their important ranges,) as many do daily and pop them up on 'Thyroid Uk' on Health Unlocked for other clever members to spot if anything is wrong, even when your bloods are showing 'within range' (fine/OK) like yours probably are, members of Thyroid UK can spot something wrong with your bloods.

Too many Medics are missing Fibro/CFS and ME Patients, I could easily have been one of them. my bloods were reading OK, fine, nothing wrong, yet I still needed my Levothyroxine upped to get rid of all my fibro symptoms, (including tiredness, brain fog tingling down arms, legs, hands and electric type shocks all over,) my Doctor had to ask higher up Medics for permission to up my Levo, but almost over night all Fibro symptoms fell away once I was OPTIMALLY, medicated with Levo.

Doctors are often not giving us enough Levothyroxine to rid us of our Fibro. They cannot know how bad we feel with fibro symptoms.

I have read that Old fashioned Doctors, before bloods tests came about to diagnose Hypothyroidism, could spot a Hypo patient a mile off, knew what symptoms to look for and would put them on NDT Natural Desiccated (Pigs) Thyroid medication and would up and up it till all fibro symptoms fell away.

Back in those days Fibro/CFS and ME were not heard of much.

Fibro/CFS and ME came about after blood tests started, apparently.

I was OK on 125mcg for a while, but I felt my body start to fall back down again with fibro, so I started to self medicate once I knew I needed more than Doctor was willing to give me.

Also, you may already know that before having thyroid blood tests we leave off our Levo 24 hours before, so it does not give a false/unreliable reading.

Also you might be low in Iron, Ferritin, folate,. vitamin D, or Vitamin B12.

B12 deficiency mimics Hypothyroidism and can go hand in hand.

B12 deficiency has similar symptoms to Hypo.

Have you heard of STTM Stop The Thyroid Madness, it is an American website, over here in Uk we have 'Thyroid Uk' and it's TUk forum.

On these sites it will tell you about the patients, mainly women not being treated properly for Fibro/CFs/ME, (again are all symptom of Hypothyroidism.)

Do double check your 'normal' bloods are normal K as they just might not be as 'normal' as you think they are.

Do forgive me if I have rattled on too much K, I have only wanted to help rid you of your Fibro and tingling problems. :)


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