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Arm tingling

Hello friends!

Just after Christmas we had an ice/snow storm. I worked hard to get the ice cleared off of our driveway--snow blower, shovel--for several hours. It was not fun and I seriously wanted to cry. Afterwards, my hands wore swollen and did not work, but have since gotten back to normal. My problem now is that my right arm is constantly tingling and feels as though it wants to fall asleep. It often does at night and keeps me awake. Funny how an arm "falling asleep" keeps me awake! The tingly numbness runs from under my armpit to my 4th and 5th fingers. Could this be due to inflammation caused by the hard work? What can I do? Any suggestions?

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Sounds as if you have compressed the nerve with all that shovelling! When I've had that sort of pain from the armpit to the 4th & 5th fingers I have found putting a pillow under my armpit at night helps.

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Yes get it checked up you might have pulled or trapped a nerve of you may have inflammation due to the strain.

You will find these types of jobs need to be fond over longer periods of time or you ho at things hammer and tong then suffer!

Hope it gets sorted soon X


ive been suffering from this in both arms for quite a while went to docs she said its ra causing trapped nerves at top of spine and goes down arms keep an eye it and go back if gets worse hope this helps


Check out your vitamin B12 levels and Thyroid bloods. even being low in range can cause tingling problems, though be aware Doctors often over look these grey areas.


Hello I was reading this post as my armpit as swollen up I've had it check out but doc said leave it for a month unless it gets worse an will see what happens but I'm so scared cud i Dnt no what it is 😞 I AV arthritis in my bck an never pain I did t no if this was related? Many thnks linzi


These few months, sometimes after I do a bit more house works, both my hands tingle. I did tell the doctor but she said nothing. I will ask her again in Aug.


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