Hospital clinic

Hospital clinic

Well i have been down the hospital this afternoon for ENT to find out why i keep having vertigo and being sick. Well it seems my troubles just get worse as he thinks it is due to the degeneration in my neck. He is sending me to the other hospital for a balance test then i will get another appt. I just wonder what next is going to happen oh yes i broke my tooth at lunchtime as well and it will look likely have to be taken out.. I came home feeling very fed up so i put my pjs on. The only good thing to come out of the visit is i went up to rheumy to get weighed and they weighed me in at 120.8k which is over i off..xxxxx

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  • Never rain but it pours, sorry to hear you've got more appointments at least they're going to get to the bottom of it all. Good news on still loosing. Xx

  • Thank you sweet

  • Sorry, it seems it has been one bad day for you, I have neck problems and when I turn my neck or try and bend I get dizzy. Hopefully all will be sorted soon for you

    Also sorry for your tooth, I am also the same as you. I have lost most of my teeth now and they gave me a partial denture that I cannot wear as it makes me gag so it all just seems to go on and on

    Just have a nice night in front of fire and television and try and forget the day. I was at a meeting today and even that was a little dour regarding NHS


  • Bob i am the same as you i would gag if i had anything in my mouth. I have the dentist tomorrow and if she can't fill it which i think is highly unlikely i will have to have it pulled. I will go and have a bath and lay on my bed watching the tv i think.xxxx

  • Hello Sylvi just enjoy and relax. That is what I am going to do.

    Good luck for tomorrow, I have to see the Podiatrist in the morning and we have a coffee morning in the afternoon lol

    All the best


  • Good morning Bob i slept well so it must have been a good sleep. I hope things go well for you at the podiarist. I have the dentist this afternoon. I am home alone this morning as hubby has a speeding aware course so i am going out on my scooter with my camera now the weather has calmed down. Have a good

  • well let's hope they sort it for you and make your life more comfy. I have found since having this that my teeth are breaking a lot. Very costly as I have to pay to fix them. Good news in the weight front I just keep putting it on at the moment. aghhhh hahahahah

  • This is the first tooth that has broken in a long time. I am dreading it as i think it will have to come out. I am still on steroids and losing weight.Mind you i don't cook,hubby does all that and he writes everything down that i eat ready for when i go to the hospital next

  • Oh that's lucky mine just crack and break very annoying ass it is $300 to $400 every time I go to the dentist and that is with private health cover. wish I could lose weight in steroids it is why I am whacking it on greatly. hahahaha I do all the cooking i try and only eat healthy good food but I have a bad sweet tooth and it is my go to food for that afternoon pick up to stay awake at work. naughty naughty

  • I have a bag of cheddar biscuits at night when i am in bed with a cold drink(no alcohol as i don't drink) thats my treat for the day. Try writing everything down that you eat and see how you can tweak it a bit to help you lose weight.xxxx

  • I have no control hahahah I know what I am eating and it is bad. I have given up smoking 6 years ago, stopped drinking about 3 or 4 years ago I forget and this is my only vice left after losing my life as I knew it being able to do so many things to doing almost nothing. The last hard one to defeat and at the moment I don;t really care. I know I am ugly and fat, but I will just put up with it for now until I am ready to stop eating bad things. I admire your will power.

  • You are not ugly or fat,you are well rounded and beautiful so don't put yourself down. You are doing well to give up smoking and drinking over the last few years so you should be proud of yourself. I have given up drinking 13yrs ago and though it was the best thing i did,it wasn't for my health as i got RA the next year.xxxx

  • I gave up both before I got RA. Drinking because it was just making me feel sick when I did. I love a good red wine I do miss it.

  • I miss a cider now and again especially when it is hot or the taste of it

  • Oh well I will just love this boring life instead until I get tired of it.

  • Your good for a few more years yet

  • Oh I hope so there are still things I want to do! hahahah

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