Wheelchair Blues

Hi. Im recovering slowly after 2nd hip revision. Have finally started weight bearing with crutches, but muscle strength is very poor so cant go far. Still can only sit on a perching stool or a very high chair. Have been Housebound now since November and have serious cabin fever. I can get into a jeep style car, but dont have access to one, I can't get into a standard car. I was given a wheelchair post op with a leg extension but its too low for me, so I have to put two thick foam cushions on it before I can sit on it, I then am nearly falling out of it!! I am only 5'5", so not particularly tall. Any advice about the wheelchair? (My community OT saw it but didnt have any suggestions). Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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  • Big big hug to you... l bet the loo is not fun to get up from or to sit down on. A physical therapist is needed and probably an occupational one too. I want you to feel better and get back to your life again. Prayers to God for you and more hugs for support.

  • Thank you

  • Hiya, have you tried the Red Cross? In at least some areas they lend equipment such as wheelchairs on a temporary basis. I saw a poster up at my friend's local hospital last week. Maybe they will have something better you could use? Other areas have a Disability Resource Centre that offer advice on what is available in that area. Good luck, RAinK

  • Thanks very much

  • I found that the local chemist had a selection of wheelchairs for hire, so I could try them out.

  • Thanks very much

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