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What's the deal with trochanteric bursitis?

Quite a few people have mentioned trochanteric bursitis recently.

I'm doing fine really, overall. My joints are no longer swollen, my mobility's good and I usually feel okay. But these days I tend to get all these 'little' added extras including trochanteric bursitis. My rheumy covered all bases I suppose by saying it could get worse, it could get better or it could stay the same. And in fact it has got a bit worse.

I know I've got the option of a steroid injection if it gets too much. But meanwhile, I'm wondering whether it can just get better all on its own, has anybody found that? Please say 'yes'! Or if that's not possible, has a change of drugs helped anyone? My rheumy seems to think that I'm close to remission and I sort of agree but it's as if there's a clause that goes: 'in remission .... apart from tendonitis, enthesitis, trochanteric bursitis etc'.

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I have read that it can clear up on its own but it didn't with me. Mine occurred after a fall at the end of November. It didn't get any better so I finally saw an orthopaedic surgeon last month and he arranged an MRI. He reccommended two injections into the hip and then physio. The injections were painful but have eased the pain considerably. He also said that they would help to disperse the fluid in my hip although I'm not fully convinced about that!!! Anyway, saw him again this morning and he reckons with the physio, it should clear up completely, so fingers crossed! Clemmie

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Thank you Clemmie. I'm not in need of injections yet but it's good to know they help & I'll watch to see how you get on with physio. Good luck!


Mine has never cleared up on it's own but it is managed as I take low dose oral steroids & NSAID as a matter of course & I exercise my knees which in turn seems to help the trochanteric bursitis. Like you I'm generally ok as far as RD goes, except for my blinking feet but I do have I considered as flare ups from time to time (not confirmed) & then I have a hard time doing some things but thankfully they are few & far between. My Rheumy has told me if it becomes less manageabe to let her know but so far I've not needed to, whether that's me coping with the pain or just managing ok I'm not sure. I'm particularly aware when rising from a soft chair, one that doesn't support too well & getting in & out of the car. I swivel in & out so have both feet on the ground as a rule anyway but when it's what I consider inflamed it's obvious as I need to manually lift my legs to lever in or out of the car. If I don't do this it's just too painful particularly up my outer thighs.

I also have good pain relief for my OA which I'm sure has helped though it doesn't cover it when it's as it's worst. Then I reach for the co-codamol & take regular doses until it passes & if it's been a you know what to ease I've taken an Arcoxia on the alternate day that I usually miss. I also rest in a comfy position & hold off exercising until it's less sore. For some reason I'm not comfortable lying on my right side but just now that's not an issue.

If you're close to remission maybe a change in NSAID or a set of exercises would take to to that goal, not sure but worth asking your Rheumy I think.

So, I'm not sure that it goes of it's own accord but in my case & certainly things other than steroid injections have helped me & it's been useful to have a reasonable armoury to go to. The exercises are also helpful, particularly those centring on core strength but those I do find a struggle even when it's not particularly bothersome due to back & neck issues so tend to leave well alone until the meds have done their good work. Oh my, the realisation of what we've to do eh?! ;)


I'm okay as long as I keep moving. Shopping bags seem to have got heavier since I've had this issue though, so by moving I mean moving while unencumbered!

I do a lot of exercise. You mention core strength & Clemmie's troch came on after a fall so I wonder whether it arises because of sudden or ongoing stress on the joint. That would figure as I'm undoubtedly a bit lopsided and walk awkwardly at times.

I'm on Humira which is working so I guess it's not worth changing because of an 'add on'. My rheumy has been wonderfully focused on getting my PsA under control. Can't fault him on that score and am still so grateful I've not got around to emphasising the other 'bits & pieces'.

Still, am now deemed well enough for a 6 month gap between appointments. So having put up with that I might pipe up next time I see him. But of course the troch and other stuff will all be long gone by then. Perhaps.

Also, feet are absolute swine. They just are. Do the feet of anyone with RD ever feel fine I wonder.


My feet are absolute agony and have been like that for about 10 years now. Mostly when I walk but occasionally when I'm sitting down. It used to be the balls of my feet only but my ankles are now joining in and I'm getting really fed up with it. I, too am on Humira - should this be stopping the pain ain't my feet and ankles? clemmie


Am I right that you have PsA clemmie? I've heard it said that pain alone doesn't necessarily indicate disease activity. With PsA that is, not sure about RA. I find that makes the pain I do have a little easier to cope with.

The biologics don't address pain as such, they just knock out some of it by controlling the disease. That leaves a lot of question marks I realise.


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