Update on Consultation

Update on Consultation

Hi to all you lovely people.

Thank you to those who responded to my post recently and helped me come to terms with taking MTX - I really appreciate your support.

Following on from that, my Rheumy has today suggested I start on 7.5mg of MTX (oral) weekly with 10mg of folic acid one day before and one day after taking the MTX alongside 400mg of HCQ daily. I have had a chest x-ray today together and more bloods before starting this new treatment which I intend to do over the Easter weekend as it will give me longer to overcome any side effects before going back to work on Tuesday following Easter.

Thank you again for your support.

Love and gently hugs to all xx

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  • So pleased that you have taken this step. Fingers crossed that it works well for you! Just remember that as with most of the drugs we take, it can take a while before you feel any benefit.

    Good luck! M xx

  • If you find that you are losing more hair than usual, I would suggest asking if you can increase the folic acid to 6 times a week (i.e.: not on the day when you take MTX). It made a big difference to me. My hair still went strangely curly, but at least it stopped falling out. It did become pretty dry, but that's easily remedied with serum or argan oil.

    Good luck with it. I hope it works wonders for you, as it does for many people. Of course, many who succeed with MTX don't come onto this forum. They are too busy enjoying life!

    Night night


  • I'm so pleased you've decided to go for it Usha. I really hope it makes a difference for you & if you do find you have any side effects they're of little consequence. One thing though, I appreciate why you're wishing to hold off taking it until Easter it makes good sense but have you thought about if you're unfortunate to react to it your Surgery or Rheumy probably won't be working, just a thought. Perhaps you could start them at the weekend, that way you'd only have a day you'd not to be able to contact them for advice?

  • Try not to worry I too was petrified. I've been on it ten weeks now and absolutely no sidebeffects x

  • Thank you Elleanor c

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