Hi my ankles and knees are really swollen and when I'm sitting I put my feet up to see if this helps but nothing at the moment seems to work. I'm on naproxen and dehidacodine for the moment. Still not heard from my ! !!i I phoned the rheumatologist and they said they wrote to my doctor on the 16th so I thought I would give him a few days before I phone him again ......It just seems to be taking so long for me to get started on my medication. Just wondered if anyone else has had the problem of having to wait this long .? 😕

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  • I'd keep on at your Surgery, give them a ring first thing Monday morning & let them know it's most important you start in your meds as soon as possible. If you don't get anywhere either make an appointment with your GP or ask for a telephone consultation. Even if it was sent internal mail (you think Royal Mail is slow!) he should be able to access it on screen.

  • Yeah I think I will phone my doctor tomorrow. Thanks nomoreheels xx

  • Hi Angel

    I'm really sorry to hear how much you're suffering, to ease my pain inbetween chiro visits, i use ice packs.

    Over clothes no longer than 20 minutes per hour, it will reduce the swelling and most importantly ease the pain! it takes a few goes to get used to the cold, if you're not the sort of person that likes being cool, but i swear by it!

    Befroe you buy the ice packs try a bag of frozen peas or sweet corn, they are small pieces that will fill gaps round the area better, or just buy them and keep just for using

    to ice your joints it'll be cheaper!!

    Good luck, fingers crossed for you, take care and angel blessings xxx

  • Thank you mitzymoo I will give it a go xx

  • Hi Angel x

    I hope it helps you as much as it helps me, i know it is only a quick fix but that is a start.

    Keep in touch, i'm a good listener, and always enjoy putting the world to rights!!

    I have a special poem i give to people who are in need of comfort and support, so here's your poem.

    When angels sense you need them

    And angels always do

    They come unseen from everywhere

    To help and comfort you

    They hover close beside you

    Till all your cares are gone

    Till they can see you're ready

    Once again to carry on

    Then some of them fly away

    And take their gentle touch

    To other hearts that need the love

    Of angels very much

    But one at least stays with you

    As your constant friend and guide

    For guardian angels never leave you

    They are always by your side!

    I'm sending one of my angels to watch over you, watch out for something unusal happening! don't be frightened shes not there to scare you she's there to love and care for you!!

    Take care, gentle hugs and angel blessings to you and your loved ones XXX000XXX

  • That was lovely mitzymoo thank you for those lovely words .

    Don't worry I won't be mum used to say to me Never be afraid of the dead !! It's the living that will hurt you ! And I always say how true these words are xx

  • Your welcome Angel xx

    I hope you had a better day yesterday and maybe an answer in the post today!

    My mum always used to say that aswell.

    she also used to say miracles i can do but the impossible takes me a little longer!!

    I hope not in your case, next time you're near a mystic shop or ordering something from ebay or amazon get an ametyst angel. Then keep her with you and rub her in your hand when you feel you need her comfort.

    I have one and she's been with me through all my ops and very low moments, she's been very busy this last year bless her, but i'd never got thrrough this last 18mnths without her.

    Take care gentle hugs and angel blessings XXX000XXX

  • Aww thanks mitzymoo in will just this minute go and have a look for my wee angle . Just home from work I was on a sleepover that started at 2.30 and I finished at 12 today so I'm going to put my feet up .

    Thanks for your kind words xxx

  • Hi I got get up of waiting for my Methotrexate. I had waited over a month and still hadn't heard from the Rheumatologist or the Dr.practice . I rang the Rheumatologist secretary,to hurry things along and then I picked up the letter myself from the hospital and took it to the Dr myself.

    I know it was a lot of effort but in the end I got my meds. If I had waited for them ,Lord only knows how much longer I would have waited.

    Keep on at them or do what I did. At the end of the day they are your meds and you need them as soon as possible.


  • Thanks heathersmum

    I live nearly 70 miles from where I go to see my rheumatologist so it's not that easy . But I will be phoning my doctor tomorrow when I finish work x

  • At home I have one of those reclining seats and I keep my legs raised. When I am in some ones I have problems with settees that are too low and I cannot recline so my ankles swell and my knees start to hurt


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