Neck stiffness & joint pain :-(

Neck stiffness & joint pain :-(

So..... Last week in the middle of the night(two nights in a row to be exact)!! I was in so much pain when I wrote my first blog. My god, why haven't I found this site before?! The support was amazing & in a weird way comforting to know I'm not suffering on my own in the night or day! It's very hard to express how upsetting, life changing this disease really is to friends & family isn't it?

Anyway, a few people on here suggested I go see my GP ASAP (which ended up a waste of time)! All I walked away with was Naprosyn (anti-flammatorys) to dose up my Hydroxchloroquine & was told if doesn't help to come back?! I'm also getting neck spasms & locking which both my consultant and GP say isn't RA, though I'm not convinced about..Does anybody else have this problem too?

I feel soo low & desperate which i did tell him. I don't know what to do & where to ask for help, as my consultant seems no better & can't get to see him until July!

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  • hi gosh well you are upside down so that cant help!!, how about a physio/ or osteopath maybe they can help?. diazepam can help with muscle spasms but trying to get it is like blood out of a stone, but for short term use it is effective and safe x



  • Thanks for the advice :)

    Now to try & turn myself the right way up lol!

  • I know some people have good GPs but mine are pretty useless usually.

    I tend to underestimate NSAIDs I think. I decided to have a break from Naproxen and definitely miss it, my symptoms are worse without it so perhaps give the Naprosyn a chance?

    But do you have a helpline number for your Rheumy dept.? It's just not fair to expect you to wait till July ..... if you are feeling desperate you need help sooner. Perhaps your appointment could be brought forward? Sometimes you have to keep knocking at that door until someone listens. Let us know what happens.

    Luce x

  • Hi Luce. This for the advice. I did try & get. Sooner appointment with the Ruemy dept but they said that was the soonest. If goes on I'll go back to my GP & see if he can push me forward a bit I think. Xxx

  • hi ellie .. welcome ,, im glad your finding the people helpful ,, i know when i first came on here ,, i was taken back by the support from others .. i know what you mean in a cruel but nice way its nice to know your not alone .. if you find the naproxen ,,isnt helping you ,, then make the call back to the GP and then again if that doesnt work .. he`ll soon refer you back to the rheumy or write a letter to see if there can see you sooner .

    i also ,, have many neck issues ,, but im different , were you are RA im AS ..

    good luck ..

    p.s what are you doing upside down ?

  • btw !! naproxen can take a few days before youll see the full effect ..

  • Thanks Andy your advice is v much appreciated! (I wasn't actually upside down, Summer was meaning my profile pic) lol x

  • I am sure you have tried good old fashioned hot and cold packs on your neck it is most helpful to aid relaxation and dont over move it just be gentle hopefully it will relax. Best wishes gins oh I the same thing but as a result of a cracked should say I suffer with similar but as a result spondulitis in neck after cracking a verterbrae many years ago.

  • gins has it right

    5 years ago when my kneck used to heat up and feel uncofortoble i put a wet rak in the frezer and put it on my kneck for a bit this did the trick might be worth a try no harm done but dont leave it on for more than 15 mins

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