We had a wonderful morning with friends , drove up Carlton Bank and the clouds parted so we saw the hour build up and the eclipse.

The valley went dark, the birds stopped singing and it got very cold!

Then of to the cafe built into the hip at Lord Stones and had porridge to heat us up!

Full of healing positivity now! Obviously the eclipse was much bigger in real life but not bad with just a smart phone !

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  • Argh blooming photos on here ! You will have to look carefully on your dude! Anyway you get the feeling lol xx

  • We were in complete thick cloud so missed it completely, still have seen some lovely pictures from friends who recorded it.

  • It was lovely here in Bulkington as

  • It was a damp squib here on the NW coast. We had some reduction in light, the air definitely chilled & the birds all retreated to the trees but we had a sea fret & so complete haze, no sun at all! It's little wonder though that the experience was feared at one time, it can be eerie!

    We did see the full eclipse in '99 though so at least we've experienced it.

  • I was just outside Edinburgh, had a great view. In 1999 trailed all the way to Cornwall, and just saw mist!!!

  • Nothing here in the not so sunny southeast!

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