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Off we go - Baltic cruise!


We are off on a 14-day-cruise round the Baltic on Celebrity Eclipse! All-inclusive so no mtx for me! Gotta live 😁

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That is fab! Enjoy every minute of it! I want to go on a Baltic cruise too!


Ohh you're so lucky. Enjoy every minute; eat, drink and be merry because life is short! Hope you have the best time ever. Bring back some sunshine and wine please. ☀️ Let us know about your fab holiday as soon as you're back.

I did this last year same ship. Go to the ballet its a must. And be careful to wrap up it was cold in July. Loved Sweden and Denmark and the cocktails we had a suite it was nice. We have friends in Roscoff so met them there .

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We did this cruise 2 years ago pre- RA. It'll be a slower pace this year. Mind you - we are kid-free ☺ To be honest, the ballet is a £ too far x

Hi Moonmim have a super time do yell us all about it when you get back. We are going on a caribean one for xmas and new year soo looking forward to it. Are you on humira i have just started last week and geel very nauseous.


Hi - not humira - Cimiza, which I've quickly deposited in a fridge ☺

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What ever you do don't trust the fridge in the cabin the ones we've had are far to warm I put mine down in the medical Center .its fantastic cruise enjoy🍷🍸🍹

Hope you have a great time i agree we have to live and have a bit of normality i am doing 1 in October enjoy

We did this a couple of years ago on the same ship. It's brilliant. Really enjoyed all the stops especially st Petersburg and the palaces. I will be interested to know what you think of the little mermaid in Copenhagen.😉

We were looking for the mermaid in Copenhagen the whole day - we found it as we walked back to our ship; right next door! A little underwhelming, but has to be done 😉

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Have an amazing time!


Wow, sounds wonderful! Post some pics please! Have a fabulous time x

Have a great holiday and enjoy your wine xx

Enjoy and have lots of fun :)

Happy holiday Moomie,have a wonderful time.x

Have a lovely time x

Have a great time!

Lucky you, have a brilliant time. X

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