Oh.... my my.... By Popular demand... via X factor and The voice... I give you Julie 55!!

Oh.... my my.... By Popular demand... via X factor and The voice... I give you Julie 55!!

Hello peeps.

How the goddam are you all? I have slightly trawled through some of the posts. What a "whatsithingy" this blooming RA is.

I can only comment for myself. It is hard to believe what I was like 12 months ago. All doom, gloom and "my life is over" type depression. I can honestly say that I have gone from strength to strength. I still have RA (according to my blood test results and the rheummy nurse and conson) but physically and mentally I left RA behind a long long time ago.

I no longer work on the farm (much to my disappointment to a certain degree) but what happened to me has opened so many other doors. I remain very positive and completely free of pain killers and anti-depressants. I even managed to reduce to the Methotrexate by 5 mg (was taking 25mg for a little while) but now only take 15mg.

I had a bit of an upset recently, I was called back to the doctors following a routine blood test, because my CRP level was twice what it should be and this was affecting the result o something to do with my kidneys - can't remember what. Anyway it turns out that I was due to a virus, (they always say that when they don't what else it is). I had had a yukky cold and they thought it must have been that, because the next blood test a few days later showed I was back to normal - Ha! as normal as I can be!!! I had had a bit more pain in my knees but thought that was due to the extra amount of swimming - yes swimming- I was doing. I regularly do 20-30 lengths early mornings, 2/3 times per week! Hard to believe that 12 months ago, it took me 2 hours to get up and out of bed and unstiffened - only to have to rest again early afternoon....... thank good those days are behind me.

So ok I am not cured - apparently - but my quality of life is 200% better than it was.

The thing is, the very thing that has helped me feel this way came about from the thing which made to close my account on here - where some people did not want to hear about any alternatives - let alone try them! Lots of things in there but if you keep reading it, it makes sense... honest!

I am off to get married next week - ahem - going to Southampton Registry Office on Saturday 12th May, then jumping aboard Celebrity Eclipse cruise ship, to sail around the mediterranean. I have not been put off by the costa concordia, which we will sail passed on this trip. So I shall pay my respects to all those poor people who were so frightened and of course those who lost their lives.

Take care everyone. Blog soonererer xxxxxxx


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Welcome back julie, you have been sooo missed. I never knew why you left,but seeing your blog i see why. Never mind your back and i am pleased to be one of the first to say good to have you back.

Congratulations on getting married this month. The costa tragedy was a bad thing but i see it hasn't put you off. My son works for the parent company that owns the costa and he flies back to the usa tomorrow to join the carnival dream for six months. He is a croupier on board ship.

I go back into hospital on the 17th of this month to have my right knee redone by a different doctor at a different hospital. Sad to say i'm looking forward to having it done.

My god julie it is good to have you back.

Love sylvi.xx


Thank you Sylvi...x


Ps Its carnival freedom he's on, the dream was his previous ship. He rang at 1.30 this morning to let me know he had arrived safely.xx


Hooray Julie - you're back!! Honest to goodness I seeing this blog sitting there has made my day - and if you read my new blog you'll see why I need it making so badly. Delighted to see a pic of you looking so well and learn that you're getting married and that RA has taken a backseat in your life. So very pleased that you're on here again - well done for all you've obviously achieved and have a fantastic wedding day and cruise honeymoon. Loads of cruise liners come up here everyday throughout the summer so there must be something in it to draw people to them - a GP pal of mine has quit work and has an interview to work on one as the ship's doctor tomorrow so I've been thinking about them a lot. Wish I could afford a cruise ship break myself just now but never mind - you give me hope that this time in a year things will have improved drastically for me too. Much love and delighted cyber hugs, Tilda xxx


Oh Tilda sorry to hear of your recent upsets, but thanks so much for your cyber hugs...I am really looking forard to the cruise... of course!


So thrilled to see your blog, I was always curious why you left so abruptly, when you were one the main contributors, so glad you have found alternatives.

I have always been very positive (well mostly) and interested in comlimentary medicines, not hocus pocus tho.

I am so glad you look healthy and happy. Maybe some day you could explain why you left.

Kind regards, and happy nuptuals, Gina.


Hi Gina! Yes, it has takena long time to think about gettin gback on here.... I will explain why I felt it wasn't the right place for me... eventually. It is not easy to go against the flow of the tide,and the only way I could do it was to remove myself from the negativity. Now I am strong enough to deal with that. I believe now there is a story to be told and an alternative, I am living proof of it. Don't ever, ever, let anyone think there is no other way. xxx Bless you


Oh Julie, how lovely to hear from you again. We have all been very worried at the silence this last year, particularly when you took your name off the list. We have missed you and your blogs very much. You always tried to be so cheerful even when you must have been feeling pretty rough.

Many congratulations on your marriage. I wish you a super day and a lovely trip on the cruise liner. (If you see it heading to the rocks, jump into a lifeboat - ha ha, only joking.). Can thoroughly recommend cruising - we usually use Royal Caribbean who look after you very well. Very restful.

So glad to see you are feeling so much better - I hope that continues and you stay well. Marvellous you have been able to reduce the MTX - mine has just been increased up to 25mg (Yuk).

I do use complimentary stuff particularly reflexology and a blissful massage but am very wary of herbal medicines as I don't know how they will react to the MTX, anti TNF and everything else we have to take. Even think twice about a paracetemol at times!

Anyway lots of hugs and very best wishes. Look forward to hearing about the wedding and the trip. Lovely picture of you - you look so well and happy.

Lots of Love : LavendarLady xx


Oh Dotty I have missed you!!! Your stories, your blogs, your lovely doggies, and your wonderful way of life. We have been with Roytal Carribean before, I was first diagnosed 3 days after returning from my first every cruise back in October 2010. We are with Celebrity cruises on the Eclipse this time, who have apparently been bought out by RCI so I am hoping the same wonderful attention to detail will be there.

No herbals for me either,

Take care xx


Hi Julie, so pleased to see you again and in such good form. Brilliant! Truly wonderful that your positive attitude has had results, and you've found an approach that works for you. We're all different and RA is so variable that trying to weave through it all is tough so really, really cheering to hear you're doing well. And getting married too! We took the plunge after 25 or more years a little while back, at Barnstaple registry office, and rather nice to have finally made the decision. Tho' we didn't have a wild cruise afterwards. Hope you have a great time, and do please keep on blogging - I've missed your posts. And especially with such great success to write about, so hope to hear more when you return.

So little squeaky happy noises from me......Pollyx


Hi Polly.... many thanks for your good wishes! I live about 15 miles from Barnstaple... we are getting married at Southampton, to avoid the family and just get the dirty deed done! Ha ha....

Love the squeaky noises. xx


We were even worse and didn't tell anyone, except the 2 friends who were witnesses, until the deed was done. We didn't think we needed more towels and toasters anyway! Have a great day. Px


Welcome back have a lovely cruise

X cathie


Thank you Cathie x


yehhh!!!! what a lovely suprise :) and even more so that you are feeling so much better, what I would like to know is ''The thing is, the very thing that has helped me feel this way came about from the thing which made to close my account on here '' although I totally understand why you haven't said more, but if you wouldn't mind PMing me about it????

You look great in your picture, picture of health and happiness :) xx


Yo Wills.... Thank you... It was the so called "advert" that was posted by Tara... poor girl... Yes it is the tapping that has been my salvation. I have now completed the training to become a Practitioner... lots more to do... and case studies to do... but I hope to become a full qualified practitioner within the next few months. There is a great shift towards this energy work, the more involved you get, the more you learn and the better I feel and become. The exciting thing is that it is being considered in my local NHS Trust, having been studied by a PhD student at Exeter University, initially for pain management, which is where I started with it. But it can be applied in so many ways. Do you know there is another Tapping Summit planned from 7th - 16th May. Here is the link..... it is worth staying up for! Take care xx

"Dear Julie,

I have a really important "last chance"

reminder for you...

You've probably heard about the 2012

Tapping World Summit from a dozen places by now.

Everyone is talking about it and with good reason..."


Apparently this link might not work.... the only thing I can suggest is to google The Tapping Solution, and go from there. It is being run by Nick and Jessica Ortner...


You may be able to register here.. it's all free!


done it xx


wow, I actually did sign up last year when it was posted and get e-mail and updates, I'm in a hurry at the mo but will come back later, read through and come back to you.....

all achy today but overdid the gym last night!!! love that feeling :)

thanks julie, so good to have you back xxx


oh Julie great to hear from you - i had only got to know you when you signed off all those months ago. Congratulations on your forthcoming wedding, and your trip just sounds ideal, no wonder you look so calm and serene.

So good to have you back, although it sounds as though there will be no more tales from the farm???


Hello Mads

Thank your for your good wishes me dear! Yes there will be tales from the farm, without which I would not be able to live, as i am not working yet! We have just finished lambing and waiting for the grass to grow before we start silaging, hence the reason for the break this time of year, whilst it is fairly quiet...

Take care x


Ahhh good Julie, looking forward to hear all about it.


Can't wait to read more about it all Julie from your perspective. We've all really missed your blogs although I left just after you but came back several months later a month before I was diagnosed and often feel it's kept me sane over the past 8 months.

While I can see exactly how necessary a break from all this was for you, and recall that awful departure with clarity over the tapping - I think and hope you'll find it's become a healthier, happier place for having lots of new blood now- everyone is so supportive without exception. And it's helped to get me through the undiagnosed stage and onto the newly diagnosed but still dealing with all the med crap stage - it's like a second home for me and I think for many others too.

For me personally the worst thing about having RA has been the lack of specialist support up here where I live and being put on MTX with no follow up disease monitoring has been such a struggle. Both this community and the NRAS helpline have just been so helpful and empowering - and I'm so glad I came back. Hope you will be too because you were such a popular blogger and it was so great reading about life on the farm and your ups and downs etc.

But hey where's your lovely photo gone though Julie please don't go back to being a sillohette (sp) you looked so inspiringly cool in that shot? I want the new role model Julie back in view please! Tilda xx


Hi Julie, glad you are back.

Is your "tapping" the same as EFT? (Emotional freedom technique/therapy - can't remember exactly.)

I researched this many years ago and found it was very very useful for my stress and anxiety.

I must dig out my notes about it and try it again. It has obviously done you a lot of good.

Anyway, welcome back!


Yes, EFT... x


Well Julie55 i'm glad you have found your keyboard!! and i apologise to the rest of you who have given so much support to us lot in the early days od this webpage (is that right) well I mean Summer, Gina, Lavendar, tilda, Mads and all others that I have the afront to say that to Julie, who is ever not ohfeh with It and left me a text for the nice lady on the telephone to read. julie made me think of the comfort that we gave each other in the dark days, but i do think we all have improved and the atmosphere is a lot lighter, even though the issues are serious.

I'm preparing my news and I do hope to come back on the blog in the next few days, with best wishes

Tricia Pxxx


And it's nice to hear from you too Tricia - haven't seen much of you for a bit so hope all's well. Pollyx


Hi Tricia - lovely to hear from you as well. Hope things are ok and you are feeling a little better. do let us know how you are. I have often thought about you and wondered how you were getting on,

Love LavendarLady x


What ho Tricia. You got my text then! speak soon I hope. x


Welcome back you look well x, congrats on the wedding x


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