off to get the heart fixed

off to get the heart fixed

Well after a week of high stress where my liver levels went through he roof due to imuran and it looked like my heart surgery planned for 6 months wouldn't come off, I am off soon to fly off to get my heart fixed, I hope. Got a call at 9pm last night from hospital to say your clotting factor is ok so you can go ahead and we are organising enbrel on compassionate grounds for when you get back. So I will be incommunicado for a few days until I get home again.

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  • Hope all goes well and that the Enbrel works for you too. Clemmie x

  • Probably too late for you to see this SOM but I'm pleased you can go ahead & all the very best anyway.

    That's wonderful news about enbrel too! All that frustration must have just melted away in a moment, really pleased for you. Let's hope it's the one that sorts you out! :)

  • Will be thinking of you, good luck, hope all goes well.

    Excellent news about the enbrel, fingers crossed that it's the one for you.

    M xx

  • Well done - so pleased about the Enbrel at last. Best of luck with getting heart fixed. Txx

  • Good luck, hope all goes well.

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Thanks everone. Just a qucik reply to say it all went well. I had develooed another pathway since the ladt ablation so they think they have gotten them all. They reminded me of a group if boys who got so excited about my unsual heart problem haha it was funny listening to them. Freaked them out when the bp cuff had a blow out and they were so involved in what they were doing. Get out tomorrow and a long wait for plane home. Next stop rheumatology to find out what next.

  • I'm pleased it went well after all the uncertainty. Good luck at your appointment, you're on a roll now! :)

  • Brilliant, after all the hassle it's great news , get well soon xx

  • Yes it was good news and it it seems to have worked. Off the heart drugs which is a bonus

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