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Last week high mobility low care this week high care low mobility next week we made a mistake you don't quailify for anything, i am going to appeal against low mobility I had it last year and my condition has worsened and due to the level of medication there are two I take in the morning that clearly state Do Not Drive surely end of arguement or do they want me to resign and sign on the dole.

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Before you do anything Matt request a copy of the assessors notes taken at your assessment. You're entitled to request them & once received get advice from CAB or similar. The reason why they've amended your award needs to be clarified before you make any attempt to ask for reconsideration.

Was it suitably explained how the error has arisen in the letter you received advising you of the error? Compare the points scored as laid out in the original decision & see exactly by how much & which descriptor you failed on.


that must be so upsetting its never rite hope you can get it sorted quickly take the advice from nomoreheels and get extra help


Assuming you are referring to a financial award being reduced, is it not feasible that the assessors have assessed that your mobility needs do no longer require so much financial aid. When you get the assessors report look carefully at this.


Matt, something just occurred to me. When you say you're going to appeal against low mobility as you had it last year, was this the DLA allowance you're saying you had? If it was maybe a read of this would be advisable before taking any action regarding this part of the assessment. It of course doesn't change the fact they've changed your PIP entitlement which I would still pursue but still I think it's best to be genned up on the differences between PIP & DLA, particularly the changes for qualification as they have changed the criteria.

Oh & I know you've said it tongue in cheek but you can claim both JSA & PIP as PIP's non means tested! :)


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