Why do I feel Fab?

I feel absolutely great today! Bags of energy, clear head, getting things done & planning ahead. This comes after months of feeling like a manky old dishcloth, a really tired, sore, stiff unhappy old dishcloth. The change is so sudden!

A few days ago I lay in the sun for hours on 2 consecutive days ...... I wonder??? Slept solidly (nearly) last night too.

I want to know why I feel so good, better than the 'normal' that I usually long for .... as far as I know my ESR is still high, it was 40 just over a week ago & I was also anaemic then, 10.5 I think. Still got 3 seriously swollen joints and some more weak & sore ones. But today I can move them much better than usual. If I return to dishcloth mode & also find out that nothing much has changed bloods-wise then I'll know that this is an inexplicable blip. And of course it is possible that my mtx / Sulfasalazine combo is starting to work.

But I'm also wondering whether I've done something very right that I can keep on doing & the old Vitamin D seems a possibility ...... I certainly was deep-down desperate to get out in the sun.

What a weird, weird disease this is.

Hope you all get some of whatever I've had!

Luce xx

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  • Wow .... some positivity and good news so glad you are feelin good ..it's blogs like these that not only makes you feel better but really cheers people up ...thank you ,enjoy your day and long may it continue ..love Claire xxx

  • How wonderful for you,long may this lasts. Lovely to hear some good news,really happy for you. Love Alison xx

  • Hurrah for you Luce!...,and long may it continue.

    Mags xx

  • Thanks Claire, Alison & Mags! I thought I'd better even things out a bit 'cos all I seem to do is moan these days. But also wondering whether others get these quick changes or paradise islands or whatever this is! xxx

  • Yayyyy !!!!! These are the blogs i love to read !!!!! Full of hope,positivity and sunshine :))))) good for you and hope it continues.love Michelle :)))))))) xxx

  • Thanks Michelle! Have just been out weeding vegetable plot in the rain, really gave those weeds a hard time! x

  • Even better woohoo :))) keep it up xxxx

  • show off ... lol .. great news luce ... well done .. x

  • I know! And I've cleaned most of my windows too ...... mostly while on hold on phone to AA (as in Automobile Association, not the other one.) x

  • Hello Luce :) So glad to hear you're feeling fab :) !!! I do hope your meds combination has kicked in and that you'll continue to feel great!! I also think loads of sun will have done you the world of good (especially regarding fatigue and feeling low). it's funny because l've just got over a 2 week phase of extreme fatigue and really low mood, even went for a looong bike ride int he sunshine yesterday :) Seems to be the time for feeling great!!

    Let us know how you get on and if maybe your bloods have improved - when is your next blood test? How long have you been on MTX/Sulfasalazine?

    Lots of love and long may you continue to feel fantastic :) !!!

    Christine xxx

  • Wow! That's great news Christine, you must be so relieved. I'm having a blood test next week, I've been on mtx for over 2 years and the Sulfa got added in about 6 weeks ago. But I prefer the Sunshine explanation, tenuous as it is. Am now planning Caribbean holiday for next winter, purely on medical grounds! x

  • Ooh, good luck with your blood test and hoping your iflammation levels will be down :) I've considered moving to a warm, dry place on purely medical grounds! Not quite so far as the Caribbean, something Mediterranean I think, south of France maybe?? :) xxx

  • How brilliant...and about time too. Really hope it's the start of the upward path to feeling fine all the time, or at least 99%. Could well be meds, as it is rather magic when they do kick in, but maybe just sun-babing. Silly question really, but have you ever had your Vit D tested? Could lend weight to the need to winter elsewhere, tho' not sure NHS would foot the bill.....But keep it up, those weeds need you. Px

  • I'm cock-a-hoop right now as the difference is SO dramatic today but of course I have had some okay days over the last few months so I need to be realistic about this, might not herald a long-term improvement.

    I've not had my Vit D tested but will ask about it. At my last Rheumy appt. I spoke to someone whose partner had come in with what sounded like quite severe inflammatory arthritis symptoms. She said her partner had just been found to have very low Vitamin D levels and therefore the Rheumy was holding back on the DMARDs etc. to see if Vit. D supplement might sort her out. Of course this made a big impression on me especially as there is nothing alternative or medically adventurous about the personnel in that Rheumy dept. as far as I can see so I assumed that link between low Vitamin D & even quite bad arthritis symptoms must now be very mainstream(?).

    If sun seems to be my cure I'll find the funds for foreign sunshine somehow!

    Thanks Polly! x

  • Remember rickets? Childhood images of kids with rickets have given me a healthy respect for vitamins so moderate lying in the sun seems a sensible therapy, taking care not to burn of course! The drugs have made me sun sensitive so I am now like a vampire and creep around in the shade swathed in hats, glasses and clothing, so prefer more overcast weather where I can risk exposing a toe or even ankle. But at least I have pale skin so easy entry for the feeble sun rays I can tolerate and certainly seem to have more energy in summer than winter. I wonder why they don't test all of us, since RA'ers generally don't live a healthy outdoor life in skimpy clothes? px

  • Tee Hee I did ask my Doc for a prescription for "The Caribbean!!".......( my vit D is v low!!)......sadly a big FAT NOoooooooooo.....lol

    Lets hope for a real British summer this year......crack out the sun cream.......

  • Nice try! I know I get a bit obsessed about some RA-related things - hardly surprising perhaps - & Vitamin D / exposure to sun are now top of my obsession list. Just looking at people's profiles has given me the impression that there are a disproportionate number of us who live north of Watford Gap.

    But yes, whether we need Vit D or not surely we deserve a glorious summer! x

  • That's wonderful news Luce. If you return to dishcloth mode you at least know the potential is there. I felt fab for ages even when in pain - I haven't felt as ill as I've been feelunbg recently for years - even when ESR was high up in the 60s and my ankle was sore and swollen I felt pretty good. Now there's not much swelling in sight but my ESR is gently rising and I'm coming down to a lower dose of MTX again without the Hydroxy so not ideal. The weather here is stunning too but not too warm I must say. I did do a walk in the sun earlier with the dogs and noted my freckles are emerging so spring must be here I guess?! Tilda xx

  • I've always been puzzled by islands of apparently good health when bloods, joints etc. tell a different story. I felt pretty good for a while on mtx too but it didn't last. My take on ESR is that I have felt okay even when it was up in the 70s but after a few months of consistently high levels the cracks start to show big time.

    It must be absolutely exasperating to have made your peace (a bit) with Mtx as a result of your break from it only to have it reduced ..... and no Hydroxy either. But as this disease is prone to some very peculiar twists & turns maybe you'll wake up one day soon feeling full of beans .... hope so! x

  • I haven't felt full of beans for a while now I admit - it would be nice. I'm maddened yes but mainly worried about my insides rather than my joints - about which, as I think I've said to you before, I'm fairly robust. My friend - who lost her only child at 19 a few years ago - said today that it drives her nuts when people ask her what she and husband plan to do with themselves next week, next month, next year etc. She exclaimed "why can't people just let us live in the moment?!" And that's what I think we all need to learn with RA too. So enjoy your good moment today Luce - it may last or not but its good in the here and now and that has to mean something I feel! X

  • Thing is that RA has made me change quite a few things in my life so I'm trying to construct a new life in some ways & that requires a bit of planning ahead as does meeting up with my kids who all live many miles away. But believe me, when I feel good it's carnival time & it's a sociable time just now which is perfect. x

  • Fantastic news! Long may it continue :) xx

  • Thank you pennylane - stayed in bed for 11 hours last night - gawd what a waste of time - but seems that's the price of a happy, busy day! And still feel fine! x

  • Not a waste of time if you still feel fine & ready for another happy and busy day! Sound like good pacing to me & even better if you are getting a good nights rest. Hope you have a lovely weekend enjoying feeling fab. I hope it's contagious! xx

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