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New to this site

Hi there.

I'm new to this site.

I'm getting results of a series of blood test my GP ordered recently, tomorrow.

For several months I have had painful hot swollen joints in my finger, together with a temperature.

About six weeks ago had a repeat of symptoms, joints more swollen than they were last time. I had some bloods done, which showed inflammation,

Recently had another set of similar symptoms. GP is checking for r.a.

Scared about getting the results, but am desperate to know what is making me feel so rubbish. I'm incredibly tired. All the time. Aching stiff joints and fever. Stops me sleeping at night.

Much as I don't want these results to verify what I strongly suspect, I want to know what's wrong, as I know me, and know something is wrong..

A horrible place to be. Looking forward to getting some answers. Last time GP said it was viral arthritis. Only had a week or two when things calmed down, now it's back with vengenance. Also my fingers, toes and hands lock in the most bizarre way, and I have to persistently massage at the base of the joints to release them.

Thank you for listening to me, just have a need to voice thoughts. Will see what GP says tomorrow.


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Hi Dizzy and welcome.

Wishing you the very best of luck with whatever ails you and I must say you have some very unpleasant symptoms.

I sincerely doubt that the GP will be able to diagnose anything I'm afraid. The variations and types of inflammatory arthritis are huge, most GP's are not experts but following your blood tests you most probably will get a referral to a specialist. These days with inflammatory joint symptoms they do try and fast track you ( well as fast as the NHS can track anything)

I hope however your GP will assist you with managing your symptoms and gets you on the path to seeing the right people to give you the right treatment.

Keep us posted on your progress and very best wishes.


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Hi good luck tomorrow. I found that as I was so tired and sorta got what I now call " brain fog" lol, I took someone with me as docs try to give you a lot of information at one time.

The bloods may give them an idea but they might, might not go scans etc, what they nearly always do is a complete medical and physical examination too and ask things like how long it takes you to get going on the morning.

I also before sponged ta wrote a list of questions as I always forget when I get in the room!! Photos of swollen red or painful hints can be helpful to them too.

I hope you get some answers then ask on here or go on the Nras website, it's full of info and the helpline number .

Good luck, let us know what they say. Xx

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Dizzy i hope you don't get the results you are expecting,but i feel you know whats coming and i feel for you darling. Its not the end of the world if you have RA/RD you can live with it,though there will be changes for you to come to terms with. Best of luck for you when you go to the drs and remember we are all here for you as we are all in the same boat darling. Hugs.xxxx

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How did it go? Hope you're ok.


Hi there.

Not at all what I was expecting.

No markers for inflamation, but showed my body is fighting a virus.

And a vitamin d deficiency.which causes joint pain, fatigue, restless sleep. He said if it was inflamation my temperature would be raised, but wouldn't spike.

GP thinks because I'm run down due to other health issues I've had for a year plus, hence the viral infections.

So started on supplements today, and making sure I eat well etc.

Still got all the symptoms, none of that has changed,but results show no signs of arthritis or anything similar.l

I'm relieved, but very surprised too.

to be honest, there is a small part of me that is questioning it, but I will carry on. See GP again in a month, so if not better or improved by then will ask questions.

Thank you so much everyone for the support.

I wish you all well.



That's good, and sounds a logical first step. Certainly think spiking temp is more a sign of an infection than generalised inflammation. Hope the vitamins do the trick for you.


Thanks helix.


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