Hot flashes

Good morning everyone ...I have been on the typical ra meds meth as one but started humira about 6nweeks ago and have done 3 injections but I have notice I now have extreme hot flashes day and night.....has anyone had this with starting humira or perhaps I hate to say for me the start of menopause......thanking everyone in advance for your post and information shared I greatly appreciate it and read them postive note I would like to share I started doing meth injections verses tablets and boy what a difference no nausea or tummy upset wishmi had this option from the start.....I guess its all trial and area.....havena wonderful day everyone

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  • Personally I would suggest that you have a chat with your RA nurse on this, give her a call before your next treatment

    The reason I suggest you undertake above is that you feel it may be your change of life and that needs to be taken into consideration. For this you will need to see your GP and possibly if severe you may need something to control this natural period


  • I went through the menopause early before starting Humira but I get occasional hot flushes so I take sage 2000mg tablets once daily for a couple of days and it settles down. Clemmie

  • I'm well past the menopause, but I do get hot flushes with humira! They don't last long, but are uncomfortable. Good luck with humira, hope it works for you. M x

  • I have hot " burning"" flashes but they always coinside with swollen joints so I thought it was part of the disease. ☺

  • Thank you everyone for replying.......maybe I hope in time it will go away but I do plan to ask ra doc in april when see him....I guess being hot is better than nausea and extreme pain.....however not seeing much change yet with humira....but like all takes time....enjoy the rest of your day Amanda

  • Don't give up, it has taken 8 1/2 months for me to feel that perhaps humira has started to work!! Stick with it, fingers crossed it will work for you. M x

  • Hope it settles soon xxx

  • I get hot flushes day and night. I'm on MTX Enbrel, Hydroxychloroquine. I am 70 and had my menopause when I was in my thirties! take care..Jora.

  • Hi, Reference your hot Flushes I'm a male of 65 never had a menopause or don't think I have but I do get hot Flushes / Sweats I say this because mine are more sweats than Flushes. Sometimes 2 a day & have woken up in the early hours with a wet bed through these Sweats. I have told my Rheumy about these & he tells me sorry it's all to do with my RA. I'm on 15mg of Methotrexate weekly plus one 5mg of Folic Acid & 8 ZaPain daily. I also sometimes find Yellow Bruses on my body after a bad spell of pain with the RA, Does anybody else get these I would love to know.

  • Hot flushes/flashes - mine don't just flash past! - can be associated with RD, or almost any of the medications that we have to take for it. As well, of course, as the menopause.

    You need layers of clothing that you can strip off, avoid too hot drinks, spicey foods and other things that normally make you hot and windows, fans...i think I have tried everything and mostly just put up with them.

  • Thank you everyone......sorry to hear that others have this as well...special thanks to whiskers64 to hear from a man as well that it more than likely is not the big M that it is linked more to the RA ....have a wonderful weekend everyone .... Amanda

  • Hi I'm also on Methatrate and Humira. I'm joint pain has gotten better. I can open a bottled water, dress myself and walk the mall with my daughter. I'm still not we're I want to be but it's does help. BUT hot flashes have been really bad. I'm going to talk to my RA doctor after my bloodwork next week. He told me last time if I don't see more relief by this visit he's going to try me on something else...

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