Day off!!

Went to the cinema and watched Chappie with would you believe my nras friend ! It was fun! Now tomorrow Gp, Thursday hand surgeon, Friday emergency appointment with Rheumy , sat 9 blooming AM! Ultrasound of bladder and kidneys! Next week dental consultant , research project, radio therapist ., wheelchair appointment April.

When did I have time to work full time and do a degree??????

Phew , professional patient it is! Nighty night all xx

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  • Hahaha well at least you may get some answers out of it all. Good luck with it all.

  • Your going to be a busy girl. xxxx

  • That's what I say at the end of each day! I never seem to have enough time to do everything, could be as I am a lot slower now. Enjoy your appointments.

  • Flipping eck! How's the degree going? Psychology was it? Xx

  • I hope you get some answers, it's not fun being taken over by meds

  • Good Grief!!! x

  • My word you're a busy girl! I hope all proves fruitful! x :O

  • Blimey O'Rielly Allanah, you are going to meet yourself coming back!! Phew!

  • You could be cured this time next week! Wouldn't that be something. Hope all goes well love. I will be thinking of you slthough 9 am Saturday morning I may still be asleep! Poor you.

    Take care

    KiKi x

  • My week is like a less serious version of yours I think. I have physio on Monday, councelling on Tuesday, skin biopsy on Wednesday, rheumy on Thursday and on Friday I'll just have to hope that I am cured of all ailments by then because I have a concert to sing in on Saturday - a fundraiser to get money for the Friends of Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Neuro Ward - now that''s a unashamed plug eh? But as most of the choir are in bed with flu - including my very hoarse self - I'm wondering if we won't just get boo-ed off stage!

    Good luck with next week A - party time for pro patients it seems! X

  • That's some list. I wish you strength to endure it, and the best results

  • Hi guys , so far so good!! Gp happy abscesses are healed but left scarring and to have diabetic bloods done next week and see him again after.

    Hand doctor today was very interesting. He explained that the radiotherapy is to interfere with my cell development , so i don't grow any more fibromas in my hands, not to shrink them as I had thought! So he suggests more radiotherapy on right hand ( another 10) then the 20 on left hand, interestingly I have grown two more lumps on the left that hasn't had any treatment so far! Genius people I think?! Then maybe in 6 month surgery or guided x ray injections on thumb joints. But that is all good cos my fingers are moving a bit better now!

    So Rheumy tomorrow ( lord help him!) and scan Saturday.

    But it's a beautiful day here . Wish I could go on my bike again, do to that end I've hired an electric one to see how my hips cope on Easter Monday, might buy one if it's good!!

    Hope you are all doing ok and looking forward to the summer , I know I am!!! Xx

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