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Last day of work - 2 weeks off over Easter

Think I was just keeping head above water waiting for my last day at work. Got home and feel rubbish - throat all swollen and sore, mouth ulcers like I have not had before and cant stop shivering (Difflam spray in use once more).

I have my ENT referral appointment tomorrow lunch time - could not be timed better considering (even though it was not for this purpose, officially going as have had blocked ears and sound like I have a permanent cold since diagnosed with RA Feb 2012).

Got to go bed now as need to be well by Saturday - going away for long weekend with my partner (walking in cheddar gorge). Lets hope the weather picks up a little (if not I have my sexy thermals at the ready!!!).

Hope you are all getting ready for a relaxing Easter break too.

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Hope you get sorted at ENT tomorrow, so that you are more comfortable than you are at present, and then you can really enjoy your lovely easter break away walking, be careful not to over do it !! June x


I don't know what's wrong with me but I actually find thermals quite sexy. Not my husband's revolting long-johns but the new breed of clingier ones ...... anyway! Hope you do enjoy your break. I am meant to be going to Exeter to see a friend - a bit apprehensive seeing as she & her husband go to bed around 7.30pm & I honestly do not know what to do with myself in the silence of their house .... daytime is good though. First time I'll have seen them both together since diagnosis so what on earth will they think of me???

They sell some great cider at Cheddar Gorge, perfect for keeping ready for those summer evenings which WILL come!

Luce x


wave to Glos if passing xx. havent be there for 20 years, you will enjoy.. it is a bit of a mobility challenge or would be for me now x


Hi, I've also just finished for 2 weeks and guess I've been overdoing it a bit at work as now I've also got the sore throat and for some reason my left knee has decided to swell up and ache. Doesn't normally cause me any probs so its a bit of shock to be hobbling around this morning.

Hope you recover in time for your trip and good luck at ENT.



I know something is going on - went to bed around 9 and only just got up (10am). Ok so I didnt sleep all of that time, but largely I did (Amitriptyline is good stuff).

I bought some nice fitted thermals from sports direct - they could be used as ordinary tops and leggings in truth as they are pretty, so yeah not like the ugly baggy longjohn style.... so long as Im warm though thats what matters.

Will update blog once been to ENT - sturggling to swollow this morning as throat swelling increased over night... oh well, like I say great timing for this appointment :-)


Well I saw Prof Hartley, ENT consultant, this afternoon. Had a hearing test and camera up my nose (not the nicest experience of my life). Outcome is that I need to have grommets fitted to both eardrums under a local anaesthetic to see if that helps.

I have had reduced hearing since diagnosis Feb 2012 - wow, I might be able to hear once more soon - yippee :-)


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