Side effect spasms

Hi all..I'm on mtx, folic acid, gebapentin, prednisone. Daily. Taking dihydracodeine and tramadol for pain..

some times when resting During a flare up my fingers spams..if I'm on my mobile just Web browsing or finger just randomly stabs the screen..makes me jump because not aware I did it...isn't just once but frequent during the day...any idea tia

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  • You're on quite a mix of strong meds there! Not sure but maybe one or more may be the culprit? I would see what your GP or Rheumy makes of it.

  • Hello

    Could be a form of trigger finger, talk to your GP regards this problem

    You are also on a good tranche of medications, possibly discuss this soup with him


  • Thanks all. I have a rhuemy nurse app on 17th..will discuss it with him. Hopefully putting me back on controlling meds via inj. ...but he hasn't said what exactly.that depends on my scan outlook I guess.

  • If you're taking MTX in tablet form it could be that he's changing that to injections. That would also be the perfect opportunity to ask him about your finger.... your 3 pain relief meds too. There may be a better alternative for you.

  • My hubby was put on gebapention after surgery couple of years ago with other meds he was taking big problems get GP to check meds

  • Hi, funnily enough it is something I have been looking at recently for similar problems.

    Have a read up of MYOCLONIC JERKS on the Internet. It makes for some interesting reading and could be the answer to your problem.

    Tootles hun and good luck !


  • My pinkie and finger next to it does that just said to the nurse when she was giving me my infusion she said it was trigger finger but that is all i know about it.

  • hi,, yes reading up on bits n bobs.. could be ANY of my meds lol. is just freaky and had me a bit apprehensive of taking my meds... is an odd feeling to just stab at something lol

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