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Weird sulfasalazine side effect

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What side effects do people have on sulfasalazine? I have been started on it as I am allergic to methotrexate. I've only taken two tablets but I feel strange. A sort of feeling that I'm about to stop breathing and pass out. I was tried on it once before and the same thing happened but it was put down to the methotrexate.

Am I making this up or has any else had this. It's a really strange feeling.

16 Replies

Some people are allergic to sulfasalazine. Please ring your doctor as feeling you are going to pass out isn't a good thing.

gentle hugs

I was allergic to it! Never again!

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I don't have any side effects, just wondering do you take it with or without, because it only makes feel strange when I take them with 🥃 whiskey and I wondered are you taking it with rather too much whiskey rather than water?

Philp hic hic

, good luck on your quest

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Yep call doc and don't take one till you get advice. Strangely I've had no problem on it but loads of problems with other drugs!!

Let us know how you get on xx

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I'm on sulfazalazine and bruise easily. Are you allergic to any other medication? Hope you feel better. See what your doctor says

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I was terrible on sulfa it made me go red as a lobbster and my face all puffy il never tske it again get in touch wuth doc befor taking any more xxx

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My only problem was itching, it was terrible at times but soon went once I came off it. Speak to your Rheumy.

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When I get my allergic reaction to sulpha drugs I swell and ache at the joints. When I took it a second time my whole body got a rash and everything swelled, face hand and body it was super scary!! I would quit taking it!

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I was on it 4 years then in June my blood platelets started to drop in number. When stabilised last month they restarted them only to drop again. So yesterday she completely removed them from my repeats. Sometimes effects don't show for years.

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I suffered dizziness, nausea, a sort of outer body type delay when I spoke loudly (which I do for work), and a lowering of white blood cells. I was prescribed it because I enjoy a glass of wine. It made wine taste like licking a battery. I was taken off it and moved to methotrexate. Contact your first point of contact (rheumatologist/ra nurse or go) asap.

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No to have sugar coated ones so don't irritate stomach thou

I had rapid heart/pulse, tremor, sweating, agonising nerve pain and worst depression of my life! The pain was actually worse on sulfa, than the original illness. I also got numb toes. Marked by GP as an allergy. Thought I was dying!

Do check with doc. That said, mine took zero notice, until my inflammatory markers went through roof.

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I was allergic to it as well. I got pneumonia twice and bronchitis twice while on it and finally ended up in the hospital for 11 days with practically no white blood cells.

I am allergic to it as well. Had reaction within an hour of taking the first ( and only ) tablet. Quite frightening,

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Hi and yes so weird I couodnt describe it and like i said to another lady on here, I became suicidal it was awful. I know some people tolwrate it well but I not me x

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CripLady in reply to Impie

Impie.... this post is 6 years old!

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