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Recurring boutS of flu

Second bout of flu in the last 6 weeks. I am currently on Embrel injections once a week

This last bout started last Wed. With shivers and night sweats and a fluctuating temperature . I didn't inject myself last Friday so that my immune system can kick in a bit. This morning,Tuesday , I woke up and my pyjamas , sheets , pillows were absolutely drenched and my temp. was normal, so I thought that I may have sweated the virus out of my system. No such luck, I'm back in bed, freeIng cold (clean sheets etc!) and my temp is back up to 38.5. I've taken Ibuprofen which will being it down, but would like to know if anyone else has experienced prolonged bouts of flu. I do have a flu jab every year and I had a pneumonia jab 6 years ago when I was first prescribed Enbrel

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have you seen your GPs and are you taking anything else alongside your enbrel, if no to first and yes to second. Contact your gp as you may need to come off that as well particularly if it's hit your chest. I am currently off all meds through flu as its hit my chest. Take care, hot drinks etc. hope you feel better soon.


Thank you Georje. The only other meds I'm taking are Ibuprofen alternating with Panadol. My husband will contact my GP tomorrow


I'd phone the GP, they are often OK about talking to you on the phone rather than make you go in to the surgery. Hope you feel better soon


Are you sure its the flu? I get like that when I have a bad urinary tract infection. I don't always notice problems with passing urine with one so it can get quite bad before I realise. I also had what appeared to be a really bad flu-like illness as a result of hypersensitivity to SSZ, after I'd been taking it for a couple of months.

I think it might be worth checking with your GP.


Thanks Earthwitch I saw my GP yesterday and he has changed my anti bio's. I am also having blood tests this morning, so hopefully the mystery will be solved. Last night was another soaking wet one and I'm fast running out of clean bedding and nightwear!


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