How long does a steroid Injection take to work?

Ive started with a big flare in my collar bone, shoulders, my arms from the top to the wrists both sides. Saw my DR yesterday, he gave me 150ml steroid injection, I was hoping for some relief today, but I haven't got any yet. Im in so much pain, its screaming at me, I don't know what to do with myself. Can anyone say when this injection will kick in?

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  • Hello Riedenise,

    I too have had a couple of steroid injections today which are given at 80ml dose in both thighs in my case. I have had a few now which I am given to cover the time it is taking for the Methotrexate to start to work. I find it takes at least 12 hours - 24 hours before things settle down. and they have always worked so it should not be too long for you now.

    Best wishes.

  • My Daughter's had hers on Tuesday afternoon called me Friday morning to say she had just had 8hours sleep dressed without screaming she was in heaven

  • I always get a "steroid flare" for a day or so after either an injection or starting oral steroids, then once thats over the benefits kick in quite well. That may be what is happening for you, in which case I'd expect you to notice benefits by the second or at most third day.

  • I love my steroid holiday as I call them! Mine tend to kick in after 24 to 48 hours and last 6 to 8 weeks, sometimes longer. Hope they kick in soon but my doc always says to rest up a lot on day one to let the steroid work! X

  • I've had several, some work within a few days, others have taken a couple of weeks and I was beginning to think it hadn't worked. Patience is needed sometimes.

  • Thank you for your replies. As I said I had it on Monday, earlier I thought 'hey this feels easier' but now my arms feel so heavy & the nagging pain is constant. Im feeling really sorry for myself. At least I haven't the worry of trying to go to work, my Gp has signed me off for 2 weeks to recover.

  • I do hope the steroid kicks in soon and you get some relief, it is so hard when our joints are screaming at us.

  • Thanks I do too, as yet it hasn't.

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