RA and Curcumin

I haven't tried this yet because I just finished steroids and inflammation is low at this time. Heard that Meriva is a proven brand of Curcumin. There's a video to watch at the link below. I am not in the health field nor am I affiliated w this or any other claim. Just sharing: nutritionfacts.org/video/tu...

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  • Funnily enough I had coffee with a retired nurse the other day and we spoke about RA and drugs. She told me that she met a friend's husband recently - he had to leave his police job because he was so racked with pain he couldn't use his hands or walk without crutches. He failed to tolerate or get relief from any of the DMARDs or the Biologics he tried. In the end the Biologic nurse said there was nothing left for him but she told him that if she were in his shoes she'd try Tumeric with Ginger as she had heard great things from other patients about this mixture.

    She said she couldn't make this suggestion officially because it wasn't clinically proven of course - but under the circumstances what had he to lose? Within a few months of taking this combination every day he was walking again, back at work and back to his hobbies apparently. She even told me where I could find his wife to ask her more which I may well do one day out of sheer curiosity. Please let us know how you get on.

  • Thanks will do. And the same to you if you reach these peeps. Wonder how much he took ea day?

  • Look at the arthritis research report - suggests 1 to 8g a day....so lots of curries.


  • I got given some kind of curcumin product for neuropathic pain, but actually didn't find it did anything much at all for me, though I know it can be great for some folk.

  • I suspect one might need to take it for some time and build it up in your system like we do w the meds but o really don't know. Might take months but it might not work for everyone as you say, just like the meds don't.

  • I know curcumin is in Turmeric .. well known anti inflammatory.

  • There's a Facebook group started by an Australian vet using turmeric with animals as a anti-inflammatory - Turmeric Users Group - with some good links to early stage research about dosage and effectiveness (they talk about combining with fats and black pepper to increase the bioavailability of the curcurmin). However the group itself started to feel a bit too 'woo" for me - posters claiming turmeric is the new wonder drug curing everything from acne to cancer. You might want to check the group and resources out though for links to the actual evidence.

  • I use curcumin and have found it to be miraculous. But I also don't have RA. Apparently oesteoarthritis can be inflammatory so that's what rheum and GP say is going on. Anyway curcumin works well. I started when I was unable to stand up straight to get out of bed and within days I was in considerably less pain and no longer so stiff. I also wonder if it's reduced my inflammatory markers as I was taking it for a year before anyone said RA to me.

    If you're interested take a look at Patrick holfords arthritis book. That's what I'm following. It has scientific research as it's base for all recommendations which is why I like it. There are more pain relieving natural treatments too.


  • Are you also taking Omega supplements? I have a book "The Inflammation Syndrome " by Jack Challem which also has proven studies w taking omegas along w GLA (Gamma-linoleum acid) found in Primrose oil.

  • I don't think I am but I was taking it with seven other herbs including willow bark (asprin).

  • I have started juicing using fresh tumeric and ginger and pots of other fruit and veggies. No change in inflammation yet but I do feel more alert than I usually do and that is saying something as I am so exhausted all the time. It seems to be helping with that at work thank heavens.

  • Turmeric tablets are available in most pharmacies. I know many people take these for Raynauds to very good effect.

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