Rheumatologist develops suit to emulate RA

Hi all,

I just posted this link on someone else's thread but I thought others might like to see it too. It's a video of a rheumy who has developed a suit to help him experience the stiffness and restrictions of an RA sufferer. He says it has changed his perception of his patients. I think all rheumys should be forced to wear this suit, the only downside is they still wouldn't understand the pain we have.

Here's the link

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  • Link didn't work Jojo, is there a name of the video on you tube?

  • Hi Allanah

    It's on You Tube on the Everyday Health channel and its title is "Special suit helps doc feel his Dad's RA pain"

    Hope you can find it :-) xx

  • Interesting! Thanks for sharing. My rheum has her own physical condition, she uses a walking stick and has been off sick for operations etc and she still has all the empathy of a gnat!

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear that. Maybe her consultant doesn't understand her condition either. I don't understand why people become doctors if they've got no sympathy genes!

  • That is weird! How can she not have any empathy. Not good!

  • Just seen it, wanna fundraiser to get all the docs and nurses one per unit and forced lol to wear it monthly! That would teach them! But I would put needles inside it so they feel the pain too ha ha hah !

  • Ooh Allanah you're showing your evil side! Mwahhahah!

  • Oh and everyone in the NRAS office, now that video I would watch lol !! Xxx ( joking folks) xx

  • Mwah ha ha ;)

  • Hi jojo just watch it!!!!!. Think nice should wear it then maybe we would all get tnf what you think xxxx

  • The link works fine just highlight and right click and it opens up the link to youtube. The suit seems a really good idea, but unfortunately short term wear and the symptoms of extreme tiredness and pain will not be felt together with the inhibiting feeling and stiffness.

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