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RA and bowel problems


can anyone tell e if back ache and bowel proble come along when RA active. I have slight temp red fingers that is swollen sore hip feel achey and just off. Then i get the trotts four times and back ache, just wondered if it is conected.

feels like it is. I am new to this.

thanks carol

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Imflammatory bowel disease and RA are both auto immune conditions and both get worse under stress, the two conditions can occur together

Thank you for that thought I was going daft. My back is aching so are my hips i knew it was conected.THNAK YOU HAPPYHOLIDAYTOMORROWX

Hi Carol, I currently have this problem too and I have an appointment coming up to see a Gastroenterologist. After a bout of stress at work last Friday, my RA flared up badly over the weekend and had really bad backache with pain at the same level as abdo pain at the front with urgent trips to the loo! Lets hope it passes quickly eh?

Trish x

Hi sorry your having this problem too it makes life difficult.Trying to plan to go anywere is a bit of a nightmare. I was just thinking about going on holiday but the thought of being on a plane and needing the loo urgently kind of puts me off.lets hope we can find a away .

take care carol

I had/have this problem too, I thought it was mtxate. But recently it has calmed down, I think it might be related to stress at least partly. I've worked out what foods do make me dash to the loo (salads for example and chocolate) and I tend to take immodium before travelling.

Then I was diagnosed with diabetes - and I've found that the meds slow the passage of food through my guts (sorry for details) and this helps too.


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I am a new diabetic I feel nausea a lot do you?

Hi Artyone, yes, RA & Irritable Bowel Syndrome can & does occur together.

I finally got diagnosed with IBS 2 years ago, after going to Every dr available for over a year.

I try to drink a lot of water during the day and I work hard to eat enough fiber so that my colon doesn't spasm & cause me pain. The only thing that works to keep my IBS pain at bay, is lots of fiber. Unfortunately, then I have diarrhea often and constipation occasionally. IBS is a pain in the butt! (ha) Stress does make it worse. It is an expensive condition too, as I use a lot of toilet paper.

I hope that you feel better after your RA symptoms go down again.


Hello..I have read your blogs with interest as I have had sore stomachs and ended up at out-of hours and A+E. Have been sent for abdominal scan and they think I have IBS and now 10 weeks later the doctor thinks I have RA. He said that they don't go together...made me feel better that I am not going daft reading your comments. Thank you.

Hi I have the opposite to having to run to the loo, I am unable to go even though I have no constipation, I don't appear to have any bowel tone, it's been going on for a year now

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Nurse12 this post is 7years old now so you might not get a response but you never know 😊

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