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Chronic pain after surgery for cross over toe

I had a surgery on my second metatarsal to correct a crossover toe they cut the bone and shortened the toe also placed a screw which i developed osteopenia and pain and after a yr post op the screw was removed. It felt better at first but now i have had chronic pain since then nothing seems to help even steroid injection. The xray is not real bad except capsilitis , the joint is basically inflamed but it will not get better!I also had a bunionectomy at the same time and guess what !! It didnt work either , and it was done by a foot and ankle surgeon in Boston !! Has anyone experienced chronic pain after crossover toe surgery ! I have had Rheumatoid since i was 24 i am 50 now and on remicade for 12 yr.

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Hi, I had my big toe fused in 2008 and ever since, the joint closest to the end has been swollen, inflamed, and now deformed. So I understand what you are feeling. Sorry your surgery didn't work well for you.



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