Hi everyone I hope you all are feeling much better as for m last night I hv a terrible pain on my wrist throughout the night I hv my second Metoject Pen 10mg injection this morning since then a weak dizzy n sleeping throughout the day not a good day for m today am stress am not looking forward for tomorrow cuz I hv to take my Cimzia injection 200mg I pray I feel much better need your advice thank you all.

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I have on,y got pain in my wrists and swollen fingers at the moment everywhere else I'd ok


It's so difficult having to wait for these medications to work, or wait to see if they work! In the meantime we suffer. It must be frustrating for the rheumy team as well - they can't help much while they are waiting to see if the latest treatment is going to work.

The worst time is during the night when it's more difficult to use distraction to take our minds off the pain and stiffness. I make pictures in my mind of beautiful places that i have enjoyed and keep my mind focussed on the picture. I find it helps if there is some movement in it like a stream flowing or trees waving in the breeze.


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