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HR at work talked to me today, about the companies Critical Illness Policy, she then said she was going to give them a call.

Apparently the Financial Director says we pay the premiums and it covers RA, so why not try and claim an amount so I could make some minor adjustments at home etc.,

The insurers came back with "Seronegative RA - that's not an illness even!"

As I didn't start the idea off for a claim I wasn't optimistic anyway, but that response just amazed me.

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sronegative ra is an illness I have it and fibromyalgia too.. quite a few people on here are sero negative.. if you have an occupational nurse see here or maybe the dreaded union? not sure if it is a covered by a critical illness policy as i dont work in insurance.. I know though if i took out private health care cover it wouldnt cover anything they could link to ra!!


The company have paid a premium to cover my RA with BUPA.

Although I only saw 1 consultant in last 7 years through that and he told me to go NHS, as my condition was such I would be seen quickly anyway.

Which was the case, and I cannot fault the clinical appointments I now have.

Also the PM policy was in place before full diagnosis.

HR Officer was confused, as she had, at my request received a letter from my consultant, stating what I had, and the treatments I was under going. She now meets with me after each hospital visit, to check everything ok.

The big bonus was them getting me a "Tempur" office chair, it has made a huge difference to my day.


Thats brilliant hope the Tempur chair is of real help and benefit to you.


chair sounds good.. i got a better one at 118 pounds after some hard financial pushing..... your nhs. must be quicker than gloucestershire 6-9 months!!!!, which health authority are you?.. my gp is transfering his contract/ funding out of county.....


meaning . better than the broken one lol.. not your tempur which im envious of xx


I am seen at North Hants Hospital, Basingstoke, nearest to me. I got appointments within 3-4 weeks, and since then no problems, longest wait was 4 weeks for some physio on my neck.


hmm.. think unfortunately basingstoke a little far from my area to travel to realistically.. pleased you have a good service/hospital


"Seronegative RA - that's not an illness even!"

Well, if they would just like to pop by (I'll even put the kettle on and dish out choccie biccies!) and take a gander at my joints (they won't even need an X-ray machine) and my cupboard and fridge full of meds. I'm happy to help their thought processes along ...

Lyn x


Thanks for the comments, my consultant has taken details of Insurance Company and even though might not do anything regarding any company claim, she is writing to let them know her mind!!


Have any of you used "access to work" they are goverment based and they will adapt any disabled persons work station to try and keep them in work sometimes your company need to contribute a small ammount but I qualifyed for all mine f.o.c.

I got a tempur chair with mechanic arms to support arms, elbows and shoulders, leg rests under my desk, I have a rollarmouse

a seperate number pad because my right hand is the worst so I can do number entry with my left hand, a ring pen

and a headset instead of holding the reciver to answer calls.

They can do loads more, there is more bits they have given me but cant think of them all.


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