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2nd meeting at school re: sickness absence!

Well the time is here guys, just about to set off to meet my Union Rep. to attend the meeting at school with me. Absolutely dreading it, not been too well last few days but hardly surprising due to all this stress, im sure it has a massive effect on my RA as I could hardly walk when I tried to get out of bed this morning!

Thankyou all so much for all your kind words of support, I will keep them all in my mind as I fight for my job!

Lots of love xxx

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Hope it goes better than you fear. Good luck!!! M x


I really feel for you! Things shouldn't have got to this place - your employers have a duty to make adjustments to your work if you have a chronic illness like RA. Having said that, I was teaching at a uni, and found that there was less and less I could do, had energy for. I didn't have tenure so I was eased out - I decided to retire on my own terms. Luckily I was within a few years of the inevitable so. I hope you get on OK, and that the union stands up for you.


I'm late to this Maxine, you've likely left now but wanted to wish you good luck. I hope rather than going against you your current state works in your favour in supporting your case. x :)


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