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Just wondering

Why is it when are feeling a bit rubbish and in lots of pain and it is bloomin freezing, the train to work is 20minutes late??

I've had a lovely 4 day Christmas break with my mum not letting me do anything, which I find hard to do as she is 70 and I feel at 38 I should be telling her to rest, but first day back at work and this happens??!

Sorry to have that little whine when I know there are people here who have things a lot tougher than I do, sometimes life seems so unfair.

Phil x

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life can be crap ,but you will have made your mums Christmas there is nothing better for us old mums than to play the mother hen hope you have now arrived at you destination and are feeling warm have a great new year


It's called Sod's law Phil!! It does seem that way sometimes once one thing goes wrong everything you do turns to ashes! Then, mentally, you start expecting things to go wrong and it becomes a vicious circle. Glad you had a good Christmas, shame you are having to go back to work. I'm off til Friday.


Murphy's or sod's law ....you choose Phil!! Welcome by the way. It's always the same, you feel better for the rest then all the good's undone by something totally out of your control. Your mum obviously recognised you needed to rest & I bet she did it all willingly so please don't beat yourself up about it, just remember to thank her, maybe treat her to a bit of something she likes that she didn't have over Christmas?

I hope the rest of your day goes smoothly & look forward to a lovely warm chair by the fire & your feet up when you get home. :)


Thank you for your lovely comments, I did get to work and wish I had worried less about other people and booked more time off!

Feeling bit better for having had breakfast and taken some medication but as I am sure you all know this weather is having very unpleasant effects on my painful hands.

Not too much longer I guess and treating myself to an hour's lunch break, having been diagnosed 6 mths ago with RA as my third autoimmune disorder has finally made me realise I am actually pretty important and sod the rest of 'em


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The cold is really playing me up it always does think I should live in a warmer dryer climate Lols Make 2015 a year to look after you and pace yourself yep you come first xx


I'm sure your Mum was only to pleased to look after you, especially if she's retired. Everyone needs a sense of purpose. Look after yourself.


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