Just wondering

As I am new to this site, I am curious of what parts of the country, other members are in..

I live in Essex (colchester) and it would be nice to know of anyone else in this area.

As it would be nice to meet up (when body allows) to be able to put a face to a name, and to get out and meet like minded people, who won't mind, if we spend a couple of hrs chatting over a Coffee and having a rant, about how we feel, knowing that , the person won't roll their eyes with that ''Oh here we go again'' look on their face..


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  • That sounds brilliant, hopefully some more folk near you. Wish I was! Up in North East of Scotland :)

  • Wish I lived nearer also, I live in Scotland the lovely highlands 😀

  • Hi Liz460,

    I'm not sure if you are aware, but we launched an NRAS group in Colchester last year. They hold meetings every other month and is a great opportunity to meet others with RA and their family members, carers, friends etc. There is normally an external speaker at most of the meetings and also the chance to chat over refreshments. NRAS groups are all run by volunteers (with RA themselves) and their meeting dates can be found on our website here: nras.org.uk/groups/colchest...

    They had their March meeting was a few weeks ago but they have another one due in May. If you want to be kept informed of/sent reminders of when they meet, do email groups@nras.org.uk with your contact details.

    Kind regards


  • Thankyou Emma, I would definately be interested in that...I will keep my eyes open for the date...


  • HU have recently added a "People near me" (dropbox under your username on the green bar & drag down you'll see it underneath Messages). As it's new it's not particularly accurate but you may find some people live within reasonable distance to you.

    Good luck, I hope you find some members happy to meet with you.

  • Many Thanks, nomoreheels...Just checked that out..I am so dopey sometimes, when it comes to computers and looking for the obvious...lol..


  • No probs, happy to be of assistance! Hope you're able to hook up with someone.

  • I moved from Boxted to Skegness. Did love it there but too disabled to enjoy it so had to move. Would love to be back there though. Could not afford it now.

  • That's such a shame..I know how you feel, although I didn't move quite as far as you..I had to leave my House in Birch and move to a flat in Greenstead..I loved Birch, lived there for almost 24yrs..it was such a wrench..I had some very good friends and neighbours there..always looking out for each other..Always knew, if I needed help it would be there..

    Unlike where I am now. I cannot say, I enjoy living where I do now, as people aren't friendly here..and too be honest, I don't feel too safe, when I go out, not that I walk far, just to my car around 60metres away, but I feel vunerable walking with my stick and having to stop to catch my breath every few moments..and even going to get my meds from the nearby chemist is a concern..

    Any way..Skegness, must be a wonderful place to live...Especially if you are close to the sea and beaches..

    Take Care..


  • I used to preach for the Methodist Churches and did not feel safe in Greenstead.

  • I live in beautiful Derry in the north of Ireland. My family immigrated to Canada in 1956 (I was 6). After 18 months (1 Canadian winter) we moved to Baltimore Md in the states. I lived there until I was 16 and then came back home to live with my elderly Granny. Derry has always been 'home' no matter where I lived. XX

  • Thanks to all who responded to my post...Not been active on here for a while, hands acting up...It's quite amazing how diversely we are scattered..but great..Scotland, have always wanted to visit, maybe someday...Ireland, well have managed that, actually went for long weekend some years back, to Dublin, with a load of work collegues(all female) had the most brilliant time...beautiful city..

    Lookiing forward to many chats..


  • I'm in western Canada, so coffee might be....tricky. Feel free to rant, though. :) I'm thinking about looking for an RD support group here. There's an arthritis society, but they've moved away from peer support. I think what I want more than support, actually, is just peer understanding. Someone who gets that a 'bad day' isn't just stubbing my toe or burning the toast. That's a big part of why I like it here. The face you see is mine, as is the purple hair, and if I ever make it to the UK I'll want to meet as many of my friends here as are willing. xx -Bat

  • Thanks for replying...I envy you living in Canada..What a beautiful country.

    I know what you mean about having more understanding of RA and situation than support..Support is always appreciated, but actually understanding how RA affects me would help me more...

    That's why, I joined this group..and hopefully will eventually be able to meet up with like minded sufferers.... Liz -x-

  • I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned the NRAS site to you Liz, you may find it helpful in trying to understand just what you have & the treatments available in an effort to control us. You'll find it here nras.org.uk. There's also the Arthritis Research UK site arthritisresearchuk.org/, again full of information. Best to keep to trustworthy sites such as these, the NHS choices site & Patient.co.uk are great for further reference in simple terms re treatments & meds used in RD.

  • Thanks, nomoreheels...Yes! I have been informed of the NRAS site..I did venture into the Arthritis Research site..but found it didn't really relate to alot of my issues...Thanks for advice tho' much appreciated...

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