Celecoxib worries

Can anyone put my mind at rest about the NSAID, Celecoxib? Only been taking it a couple of weeks, and it has helped pain and inflammation, but I'm getting some stomach pain. When I was going to start it I asked my GP if I needed to take Omeprazole as well, and he said no - but looking online yesterday, it seems they DO recommend taking one of these PPIs with it........ confused, as ever. Is anyone out there able to answer this? Plus, of course I don't think I'll be able to speak to a doctor till next week, after Christmas and the weekend.

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  • Hi, I can't take celecoxib, it badlly affects my stomach. I was given & did take omprazole with it. You should be able to talk to your GP. At our surgery you can make a telephone appointment. Hope you get sorted. x

  • Contact your doctor and ask for something to protect your stomach. xxx

  • I've just replied to your reply to Lois (proudmom) if you'd like to read that. What I omitted to say was celecoxib was the first NSAID I had & always prescribed 20mg omeprazole to take with it & do now with etoricoxib. I think you should push for your GP to prescribe it especially as you're having tum issues. Ask the receptionist if he'll leave you a prescription for some, it shouldn't be necessary to see him because they'll see on your a normal rescript or acute list that you're taking celecoxib. Preferably best to do it today or at least before Christmas, the richer food you'll probably be eating won't help. x

  • Just a quick question but what doseage do you take? Thanks x

  • I take 90mg alternate days (at night) now Jacki but have take them daily (nightly) before coming off them last time. When I took celecoxib I took 200mg daily. Hope this helps, are you on etoricoxib?

  • No-- I just take celex--- 200 per day but it doesn't seem to be doing much! Think I'm at the impatient stage waiting for meds to kick in now the injection has worn off . Thanks x

  • If it's Celebrex they're usually prescribed as 100mg or 200mg taken once or twice a day. If you're only taking it once a day it might be worth asking if you could increase your dose to twice daily for the time being? You're probably right & you'll be more dependant on them at the mo if your steroid's worn off & meds not up to their potential, to reduce swelling & so in turn your pain. x

  • Celecoxib is one of the newer anti-inflammatories, a "Cox 2" one rather than the older types likes Ibuprofen which is a "Cox 1". These newer ones are much better in terms of risks to your stomach, but they can still have an effect particularly if you're susceptible. On the patient leaflet it does also say they can cause abdominal pain, that's not related to the stomach lining, so it could just be that. But sounds like you need to tackle your GP again.

    (We're not supposed to make medical comments - but if you go into Boots you will find that they sell Omeprazole over the counter......)

  • I have been taking celecoxib for six years with no problems. I was told that I do not need to take anything else with it as its much more gentle on the stomach, unlike some of the other drugs I have been on which made me very sick.

  • I take celecoxib 100mg twice a day and have omeprazole 20mg twice a day alongside it. In the past I was given aspirin which caused dyspepsia and now I need omeprazole with any anti-inflammatory.

    Celecoxib was developed specifically to be kinder to stomachs than older anti-inflammatories so that might be the reason for your GP's decision not to give you omeprazole, but we all respond differently to medication. As others have said, speak to them again and tell them the symptoms you're having when you take celecoxib.

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