I'm so angry

Finally received my PIP assessment appointment. Set out this morning with an hour and a half to get there. Should have taken about 40 mins in morning traffic. Tried to follow the direction sent on ATOS letter but they are not only wrong but none of the roads had name plates on. 10 minutes to appointment and I rang the only number I'd been given on letter. They were as helpfull as they could be but as I didn't know where I was and they had the same map I did I was none the wiser. I asked if they could get a message to the centre I was visiting but they said they didn't have the number.

So I continue to look for the centre driving round hopefully in the right direction

Eventually, somehow making sense of the map on the letter I found the centre. The letter told me I should park in spaces 2,3,4 and 8. Guess what? The spaces weren't numbered. After a 2 hour drive and being 30 minutes late they wouldn't see me.

The assessor called ATOS and I arranged another appointment for 30th December.

I'm emotionally shattered and so angry and know knowone at either ATOS or DWP will give a toss. I'm gonna complain as I'm appalled that me and others who are ill can be brushed aside with barely an apology.

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I was sat in there reception waiting for them to start there day and my phone rang for them to cancel me I said I would wait and see if any one dose not turn up for there appointment they agreed and I was seen 20 mins later my assessment only lasted 20 mins no wonder I did not get my award now going through appeal court next year


That's awful. Good luck next year.


That's dreadful. Like you say they don't care at all and I believe they don't understand how ill this Disease can make you feel either. Good luck for end of December. Keep us posted. Hugs. Xx


Thank you.


People shouldn't have to do this to get what they're entitled to. Or should be entitled to! There needs to be more publicity for experiences such as yours. SO sorry


How damned annoying Sarah. I would have been so annoyed in the same position. I would guess you're not the first that this has happened to from the sounds of how useless the directions were. Do they not realise how this type of thing can affect us, or anyone claiming this type of benefit? Doesn't sound as there was any compassion either grrr.

I wonder if this experience couldn't be turned from a negative into a positive for you, if you didn't complete Q13 is it worth adding an addendum when you have your assessment, possibly gaining you some extra points? Why don't you think about it anyway??... under the section "Going out" under "Extra information - Going out" if you didn't complete this section it could possibly apply now after yesterday's events, even if you didn't consider it applicable when you completed the form? Worth thinking about, you can only ask! I'm taking a copy of my most recent rescript as I've been prescribed additional meds since returning my form. It states on the letter quite clearly that you should bring any recent or new information so you may be allowed to add an addendum to your form.

Oddly enough I did a dummy run this morning for my assessment next week as I don't know the area well as it's on the outskirts of Preston & I only know where the shops are in the city centre lol!. It happens to be the same junction off the motorway but the opposite direction from the farm shop where we went to order our Christmas meat so when we'd done that we went to seek out exactly where the place they do the assessments is. Fortunately it was easy to find unlike yours by the sounds of it but pleased we did it as it's settled me because the appointment is at 9am so there will still be reasonably heavy traffic on the roads.

I would certainly complain as you intend to do, to both the DWP & ATOS otherwise whoever deals with these things won't ever know as they've probably not physically tried using the directions themselves..... but they should, preferably before going to print!!!!! ;)

I'll be having my assessment before you but I really hope yours goes to plan for you on the 30th so you can start the new year on a positive note. :)


Aw thank you. I would normally do a dummy run first to but I've been so shattered lately. When I'm not working I'm usually asleep.

Think I did fill out Q13. Might have to add to it on assessment day.